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EPA Brownfields Funding from EPA for Identifying and Removing Toxins from Land

Solutions for economical Brownfield Cleanup of EPA's estimated 450,000 problem properties

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Brownfields are properties that are contaminated, or thought to be contaminated, and are underutilized due to perceived remediation costs and liability concerns.

The EPA's Brownfields program encourages turning America's estimated 450,000 problem properties to productive community use. Since the beginning of the Brownfields program, the EPA has awarded 883 assessment grants totaling $225.4 million, 202 revolving loan fund grants totaling $186.7 million, and 238 cleanup grants totaling $42.7 million.

In addition to industrial and commercial redevelopment, Brownfields approaches have included the conversion of industrial waterfronts to river-front parks, landfills to golf courses, rail corridors to recreational trails, and gas stations to housing.

EPA's Brownfields assistance has leveraged more than $8.2 billion in private investment and helped create 37,525 jobs, resulting in the assessment of 8,374 properties and the cleanup of 93 properties.

Solutions for Brownfield Cleanup

We recently examined the cleanup innovations of biotech offered by

California is in EPA's Region 9, and their Brownfields Program web presence includes information on grants, clean up and redevelopment potential of contaminated lands in the Pacific Southwest region, making it easier for such lands to become vital, functioning parts of their communities for states, tribes, and territories.

EPA's national Brownfields home page provides information on applying for Brownfields grants, recent legislation, news, and more.

Business Solutions for Economical Brownfield Cleanup

Chris Young of Biotech Restorations' approach to Brownfields cleanup uses organic soil amendments that reduce both time and cost of contaminated soil cleanup. Their approach is a major COST solution-breakthrough that respects the integrity of our natural resource -- soil.

Chris explained that they have saved close to 90% of the cost of land reclamation on some of their projects -- which is astounding, and I'm sure would not hold on every project. But with the potential for those kinds of savings -- of both cost and pollution cleanup benefits -- it would certainly be worth looking into.

Biotech Solution: Gene Expression Factors

There is a critical distinction to be made between Gene Expression Factors and genetic engineering or genetic manipulation.

Where genetic engineering and manipulation endeavor to attach a capability not inherent to the microorganism, Gene Expression Factors simply restore to the microorganism the natural and inherent reductive capabilities that have been inhibited or repressed in the presence of man-made pollutants.

Link to Part 2: "Gene Expression Factors" Research Report

Information Repositories

The Draft RAW and related documents can be reviewed at:

Morgan Hill Library, Morgan Hill, CA (408)779-3196

DTSC, Berkeley, CA; File room, (510)540-3800 (By appointment only)

DTSC Website: For information abotu DTSC, visit

BioTech Restorations
137 Cross Center Road, #143
Denver, North Carolina 28037
(704) 489-6538
(704) 489-6538
Christopher W. Young,

Dr. Val Paynter
Protocol and Laboratory Director

GeoSolve, Inc
1989 Santa Rita Road, Suite A-165
Pleasanton, California 94566
(925) 963-1198
Robert D. Campbell
GeoSolve is the West-Coast distributor for BioTech Restorations with three remediation projects completed using BioTech Restorations solutions.

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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