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Southern California Conversion Technologies for Waste

Los Angeles waste conversion technology project to achieve County of Los Angeles zero-waste goal

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Additional recycling and waste management resources for Los Angeles area:

Conversion Technologies of Unrecyclable Solid Waste

Conversion technologies are an integral process in achieving a zero-waste goal.

The County of Los Angeles has supported conversion technologies for nearly a decade and works to increase local support and awareness of waste related issues, including conversion technologies (CTs).

Conversion technologies refer to a wide array of state of the art technologies capable of converting unrecyclable solid waste into useful products, such as green fuels and renewable energy, in an environmentally beneficial way.

The County received more than 30 responses from technology vendors interested in partnering with the County of Los Angeles, for a CT demonstration project in Southern California.

Since this initial phase, we have screened and ranked the technology supplies vendors to four finalists, which are

  • ArrowBio,
  • International Environmental Solutions (IES),
  • Interstate Waste Technologies (IWT), and
  • Ntech Environment

Thermal Processes

Ntech Environmental uses gasification to convert the municipal solid waste (MSW) to a syngas and metallic slag. The syngas is cleaned and used in a turbine to create renewable energy, and the slag by-product can be used as an aggregate raw material for construction.

Interstate Waste Technologies uses a machine press on pre-sorted non-recyclable MSW which feeds to a pyrolysis/gasification combination process to convert the MSW into a syngas and slag-type of by-product. The syngas can be used in a turbine to generate renewable energy and the slag by-product can be used as an aggregate raw material for construction.

International Environmental Solutions uses pyrolysis to take pre-sorted non-recyclable MSW and converts it into a syngas and carbon char. The syngas can be used in a turbine to generate renewable energy, and the carbon char can be re-activated and turned into a marketable product.

Biological/Chemical Processes:

ArrowBio uses a water medium to sort/separate the non-recyclable municipal solid waste (MSW), which feeds to an Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket. This converts the MSW to bio-gas, while the organics form a soil-amendment. The bio-gas can be used in a turbine to create renewable energy, while the soil-amendment can be used for land application; other non-decomposable waste is landfilled.

Southern California Conversion
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