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Your Sustainable Work Makes a Difference to California

Growing sustainability affects California in many ways

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Community sustainability affects California in many ways:
  • Businesses are more responsive leaders when they offer sustainable alternatives to their employees, owners and customers.
  • Communities benefit from reduced utility costs to clean up pollution, and allowing nature to fulfill its restorative work.
  • Individuals improve health and wellbeing with adequate access to quality air, water, food and habitat.
  • Families are stronger when they balance quality together time, nutrition, rest and learning in the natural world with their daily work and education infrastructure.
General benefits are made possible with very specific actions such as conservation of the amount of water used, reduction of pollutants in the everyday actions of individuals, cars, or business functions, and the conscious support of natural resource systems that work to balance the living system we live in. These systems are a web of quiet environmental work: wetlands, rain and drought, the web of life, tides, the underground aquafers, and many more.

Natural Systems for Green Solutions

When we get out of the way, our natural systems work for us. California Green Solutions is about helping us "get out of the way" and restoring natural systems to functional status where we have endangered them. When we live in dense cities and suburbs, we need to supplement these systems with technology -- but we have tried to replace these systems in many cases (such as paving over our streams), and we're learning that nature is much more effective at life support for our communities than we are.

Sustainable Community Planning and Consumer Action

You can support the move back to a sustainable community in many small ways. Your best choices are unique to you, and we can point you to tools and techniques that give you options and support. Here are a few ways you can made a difference:
  • Reduce usage of power and energy (electricity, gasoline, batteries, etc.)
  • Reduce use of harmful chemmicals (such as pesticides, food additives, fungicides, fertilizers, cleansers)
  • Increase the number of native and Califronia-friendly trees on your property to provide shade, habitat for native animals, moisture retention and runoff control.
  • Replace inefficient machines with more efficient methods.
  • Learn. Use science and natural systems to enhance your effectivenesss.
  • Support sustainable organizations with your dollars, your supportive stories and time.

Together, we are a natural system, and can make a significant difference in the quality of life for all Californians. And as I keep California goes, so goes the nation. We can at the very least, set a sustainable example.

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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