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ALL New Vehicles Sold in California Require STATE Emission Labels

Retailers must display California emissions labels on all new vehicles to avoid hefty fines by California ARB

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Emission Labeling of New Vehicles Carry Hefty Fine for Retailer Infringements

The California Air Resources Board last month penalized a motorsports importer of off-road recreational vehicles from China, $14,000 for improperly labeling their Blitz mini-bikes without California emission certification labels.

ARB enforcement officers discovered the mini-bikes were missing California engine emission certification labels on bikes sold at a chain of Auto Parts stores statewide.

Although the bikes are within California emission standards, they were improperly labeled as being only federally certified. In California, it is necessary for vehicles to display additional certification compliance statements to ensure that the state's clean emission standards are also met.

"It's very important that manufacturers affix California's air 'seal of approval' so consumers can know what machines pass our strict emission standards and which don't," said ARB Chairman Mary Nichols. "The Motorsports company had done the hard part by meeting our standards but failed to let the buyers know, which is just as important."

All new vehicles sold in the state must possess a California emissions label, in addition to a federal emissions label. The fine for not displaying the certification is $50 per vehicle, but for large retailers the penalty can add up quickly due to their large inventories. All vehicles must display this certification, including off-road recreational vehicles like the 2.8 horsepower Blitz mini-bike.

The Motorsports company has since corrected the problem and ordered and applied labels to the mini-bikes in question.

Per the terms of the settlement, the company will pay $14,000 in penalties; all of it will go to the California Air Pollution Control Fund, which provides funding for projects and research to improve California's air quality.

Ozone, also known as urban smog, can affect human health in many ways including: itchy, watery eyes, scratchy throat, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, coughs, heightened asthma rates, cardiopulmonary cases and premature deaths.

Information on California's engine emission certification procedures is available online

for off-road vehicles;

and for on-road vehicles.

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