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Permaculture workshops in Southern California - Spring-Summer 2007

Keyline agriculture is a permaculture farming technique offering holistic farm design.

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Keyline Design Workshops & Lectures with Darren Doherty in Southern California


What is Keyline Water Management?

Keyline systems of water and soil conservation were developed in Australia during the 1950's by P.A. Yeomans as a response to increasing desertification and erosion of the landscape. His book Water For Every Farm is an important resource on holistic farm design. Keyline is a set of principles and techniques based on a whole systems approach that works with natural patterns to restore or increase the depth and fertility of the soil, while increasing its water holding capabilities. Keyline integrates terraces, ponds and cultivation techniques with the natural landscape to infiltrate water into the soil efficiently and hold it on the land as long as possible. In order to truly work with nature, implementing a Keyline system requires careful observation and assessment of a site.


Yeoman's Book Water For Every Farm. by P.A. Yeomans.
ISBN 0-646-12954-6.

-------------- NEWS RELEASE - CALENDAR OF EVENTS -------------

Fri, March 30, 9-10 am,

Interview with Darren Doherty, Australian Keyline & Permaculture Designer & Teacher on Sustainable World Radio, KCSB 91.9fm, streaming live at, and later found on (usually takes about a week).

April 21-May 4, 2007

Keyline Design Workshops & Lectures with Darren Doherty in Southern California
6 day Workshop Intensive in Goleta, CA (near Santa Barbara), 2 Day Course in Cuyama, CA (near Ojai), 1 Day Course in San Luis Obispo, CA. See schedule below.

Soil & Water for Every Farm with Keyline Design with Darren Doherty, Australian Keyline Designer, Developer & Manager

Darren Doherty is Australian Approved Keyline Design, Farm Planning Consultant. Develop your Farm and Ranch to it's full potential while increasing production, drought-proofing, creating soil & sequester carbon quickly and cheaply.


The Keyline Design Courses (KDC) in Southern California will be an intensive blend of technical & practical sessions and are targeted at professional land managers & consultants, earthmovers & anybody interested in practical & cost-effective broadscale landscape restoration. The KDC's will outline all of the principles and techniques involved with the modern, practical application of Keyline Design. We have developed both short and longer term events in different landscapes so that we can cater to participant's different needs. A really great part of the three courses will be the demonstration of the famous Yeomans Keyline Plow - a multi-award winning implement that harvests water, halts erosion and creates soil in its wake. Not many plows can claim that!

Carbon sequestration is also an important by-product of using a Yeomans Keyline Plow. We will also demonstrate how to use normal farm & earth moving machinery to harvest & store water on any farm. All of this has to start with a plan - the KDC's will take you through the simple and effective "diagnosis & design" process that we have used on over 1100 properties world wide with a blend of low & high tech solutions. Finally a quick acknowledgment of the kind assistance of our partners in making these courses possible: Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, Yeomans Plow Company, Nutiva Foods, Quail Springs Permaculture Farm & Earthflow Design Works.


April 21 Sat, 10 am - 12
Keyline Design Lecture:
Vista del Mar School District
9467 San Julian
Road, Gaviota, CA 93117
$10 donation
contact: 805-962-2571

Apr. 22-27

6 Day Intensive Keyline Workshop near Goleta on Gaviota Coast, north of Santa Barbara. CA, Cost $600 ($50 discount if paid by March 20).

Program topics over the 6 days are as follows (and in this order):

  • History of Keyline Design,
  • Scales of Permanence,
  • Keyline Design Applications,
  • Low Tech Cartography,
  • Intro to GIS/GIS Software,
  • Intro to GPS/GPS Applications in Keyline? Design,
  • Quantity Surveying/Project Costing,
  • Low /Medium Tech Survey Equipment,
  • High Tech Survey Equipment,
  • Site Survey & Set Out Techniques,
  • Land Component Analysis,
  • Site Analysis Techniques,
  • Broadacre Soil Improvement Techniques,
  • Field Soil Analysis Techniques,
  • Keyline Soil Renovation & Pattern Cultivation,
  • Rural Tree Establishment, Management & Processing,
  • Tree Ground Preparation & Establishment,
  • High Quality Tree Management,
  • Broadacre Keyline?Design Preparation
  • Keyline/Water Harvesting Earthworks Design & Construction

May 1-2, Tues & Wed

Two day Keyline Design Workshop, Cuyama (north of Ojai, CA) at Quail Springs Learning Oasis and Permaculture Farm, Cost, $250 ($25 discount if paid by April 10 ) Camping with access to a kitchen (limited refrigerator space). Meals are provided for $25 for two days. Motel nearby in New Cuyama.

The 2 day Quail Springs KDC is targeted at land managers who have an interest in applying Keyline Design techniques on their properties.

May 3 Thurs

Lecture 7-9
Keyline Design with Darren Doherty Calpoly University
San Luis Obispo Building 8, Room 123 (This is in the 'BRAE' Ag Engineering Bldg.)
For info contact 805-962-2571
or "Hunter Francis" (805)756-5086
Cosponsored by Sustainable Agriculture Resource Consortium (SARC)

May 4, Friday

One Day Keyline Design Workshop,
San Luis Obispo, CA, Cost $150.
The one day San Luis Obispo workshop is an overview of KDC with some time in the field. It is targeted at land managers who have an interest in applying Keyline Design techniques on their properties.

Topics will include:

  • History of Keyline-- Design, Scales of Permanence,
  • Keyline-- Design Applications,
  • Low Tech Cartography,
  • Low - Medium Tech Survey Equipment,
  • Site Analysis Techniques,
  • Broadacre Soil Improvement Techniques,
  • Keyline-- Soil Renovation & Pattern Cultivation

Contact for workshop bookings: Santa Barbara Permaculture Network:, email:, phone, 805-962-2571,

While on tour, Darren is also available for consultancy services for ranches & farms if you want to share this info with anyone you know. Contact info: Darren J. Doherty,

Tour & Workshops co-sponsored by Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, EarthFlow Design Works, Quailsprings Learning Oasis and Permaculture Farm, Yeomans Plow Company, and Australian Felix Permaculture.

From Article by Tobias Policha appearing in the October 2001 issue of Oregon Tilth

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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