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Franchise Opportunities

Green jobs come from new businesses, small businesses, and franchises are one option for green business launches.

Find green business solutions
Franchises can be a good way to get started in a business if you:
  • Don't have business management experience
  • Don't want to start a business from scratch
  • Need technical assistance
  • Want the momentum of a brand name
  • Have more money to invest than sweat equity

Franchises can be good or bad. They can be expensive or modest. They can be successful or fail -- just like a start-up business.

But what differentiates a good franchise from a good start-up, standalone business is that you have a community in which to share strategies, buying power and build a brand name. Those attributes can be important factors for success. And they are the reason that franchises have a higher success rate in comparison to start-up, standalone businesses.

Green Business Franchises

Our list of "green" franchises include the following criteria.
  • They provide environmentally-sound solutions (products and/or services)
  • They appear to us to be socially responsible. This is hard to judge without doing in-depth due diligence.
  • Our purpose is to give you a starting point, and we encourage YOU to do intensive due-diligence about a company's operating procedures, check references, check compliance agencies, etc. to vet the opportunity.

The Market for Green Businesses

Some 63 million American consumers are classified as LOHAS (those with “lifestyles of health and sustainability.”), according to the Natural Marketing Institute. These green customers have a profound sense of environmental and social responsibility. These consumers are also the most likely of consumer segments to buy environmentally and socially responsible products. As green messages proliferate in the mass media, these consumers are growing and segmenting. Some pay premium prices for environmentally and healthy products. Some want higher quality at the same price. And some look for simpler solutions that are more conservation oriented and want to pay less for those simpler solutions.

Categories of Green Business Products and Services

  • Organic
  • Non-toxic
  • Simplicity
  • Locally grown or produced
  • Waste management or alternatives (ie recycling)

Green Business Philosophies

Natural Step Sustainability Principals: use reclaimed and recycled feed stocks as principal raw materials, continually strive to reduce one's environmental footprint, and produce products that cause other products to be recyclable and biodegradable, where appropriate.

3 Ps: People, Planet, Profits: William McDonaghue's book,

Organic, Biodynamic Production: Use nature's own materials for plant care by using composting, natural manures, integrated pest management, rainwater, etc. instead of

Certification: The Federal Trade Commission regulates green and environmental claims. Any claims for benefits for environmental benefits must be backed up with credible research. That is often achieved through recognized organizations that provide "certifications" for companies, products or processes. Examples are standards organizations such as ISO, ANSI or ASHRAE; state agencies such as the California Air Resources Board, or state EPA; the federal EPA (Energy Star or WaterSense); or a city or county "green business" program certification.

Business Success: Franchises should be evaluated for their contribution to business growth, steady demand, repeat business, economic stability and franchisee services that foster business success.

RECOMMEND GREEN FRANCHISES: If you have, or know of a green business franchise, please let us know: Carolyn -@-

List of Green Business Franchises

Clean Air Lawn Care

Think of Clean Air Lawn Care as a lawn care company for the affluent, busy and environmentally conscious. They seek environmental entrepreneurs for a profitable, sustainable business. If you consider yourself part businessperson, part tree-hugger, and would like to start a business with a proven business model, call 888-969-3669. Go to and use the contact form on the franchise tab.

Ashland, Oregon

Salad Works Restaurants

Saladworks Café StoreS offer customers a quick, healthy meal made from the freshest, top-quality ingredients that satisfies even the heartiest appetite.

Eight Tower Bridge
161 Washington Street Suite 300
Conshohocken, PA 19428

OXXo Care Cleaners

OXXO Care Cleaners brings a European business to the US that provides high quality garment care, alternations, shoe repair, etc. Their vision is to be a leading environmentally-friendly care cleaning organization with revolutionary, cutting edge technology, environmentally safe products with innovative quality checks and balances and cost-effective promotion and growth.

OXXO Care Cleaners
1874 North Young Circle
hollywood, FL 33020

The Hygienic Home

The Hygienic Home franchisees offer homeowners a single source for all their green cleaning needs. The Hygienic Home franchise focuses on eliminating germs, allergens and other harmful contaminants in the home using only safe eco-friendly products that leave no harsh irritants or residue.

285 Passaic Street
Hacksensack, NJ
(888) 296-8368

Naturell Clean, Inc.

Naturell Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning provides franchises to serve consumers who are demanding green alternatives with their patented all natural product and method. A Naturell franchise is a turnkey operation that includes all of the equipment, supplies, training, and ongoing support needed to start and operate your new business.

Naturell Clean, Inc.
2953 Bunker Hill Lane Ste 400
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Honest-1 Auto Care

The Honest-1 franchises their "Eco-Friendly Auto Care" family of automotive maintenance and repair centers has set in place very specific eco-friendly initiatives and strategies at both the corporate level and at the center level. It is their mission to be the cleanest company in a traditionally dirty industry.

Through the Honest-1 Auto Care ESA™ (Environmentally Sustainable Actions™) Certification Program we employ responsible eco-friendly practices in four primary categories: Pollution Prevention; Recycling; Resource Conservation; Offering and Promoting ECO-Friendly Auto Care™

H-1 Auto Care, LLC
7430 East Butherus Drive Suite B
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
877) 466-3781

Pizza Fusion

Pizza Fusion serves a more than 75% organic menu of gourmet pizzas, sandwiches, wraps, salads, beers and wines. They also offer health conscious alternatives for people with selective diets and food allergies, such as gluten-free, vegan and lactose-free options. The chain mandates all franchisees build their locations strictly to LEED certification standards, introducing several states to their first ever LEED certified restaurants, including Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Franchise restaurants in Atlanta will also feature an organic beer and wine bar.

Pizza Fusion, whose motto is ‘Saving the Earth, One Pizza at a Time,” is leading the restaurant industry in eco-friendly practices as the greenest restaurant in America and will build all their new stores LEED certified. For a complete list of their restaurants’ environmental initiatives, visit their website.

Eric Haley
Vice President of Communications
Pizza Fusion
6555 Powerline Rd., Suite 101
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Office: (954) 449-7244


2212 Rutland Drive
Austin, TX 78758
800 2678714

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