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Serious Materials for Sustainable Green Building Materials

Serious Materials develops and manufactures sustainable green building materials that reduce the impact of the 'built environment' on the climate.

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Sustainable Green Building Materials for High Performance

Serious Materials develops and manufactures sustainable green building materials that reduce the impact of the 'built environment' on the climate. Their goal is always a "dramatically" reduced impact!

The company was voted #1 at Cleantech Venture Forum XII, won the first Aspen Institute award for innovation in Corporate Energy Conservation and Global Gypsum Product of the Year.

Reengineering Common Building Materials and Products -- It's time!

"The 'built environment' is responsible for 52% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide – which compares to only 9% for cars and light trucks. We can slash that number by reengineering common products that use or lose the most energy. And local plants will create thousands of green-collar jobs here in the U.S., further reducing carbon footprints," they state on their website.

Examples of their green approach to serious energy and environmental savings include:

Energy-Saving Windows

Windows represent the single largest opportunity for improvement in the built environment. 39% of all emissions are tied to building operations, with 38% of that for heating and cooling. Up to 40% of that energy and cost goes out the window. The wasted energy causes over 250 million tons of emissions per year.

Today’s good quality, dual-pane commercial or residential windows are typically R-1 or R-2. This number is dramatically lower than a typical R-13 wall.

Serious Materials' Alpen windows and glass deliver up to R-20 at center-of-glass, along with improved comfort and architectural freedom. This dramatic reduction in energy bills provides fast payback.


Building and living in dense urban environments can reduce carbon footprints by 30% - but noise is the number one issue in condos, mixed-use developments, office towers or in urban infill.

Serious Materials' QuietRock® soundproof drywall and related products reduce material use, enhance livability and support denser, more sustainable urban construction. QuietHome® Windows reduce noise from outside. Quiet®-brand products have been used in over 30,000 projects to date.

Green Drywall

The production of standard gypsum drywall – a process invented in 1917 – results in up to 25 billion pounds of CO2 per year. Drywall is the third-worst greenhouse gas producer in building materials.

EcoRock™, a non-gypsum, green alternative to standard drywall performs and is used just like drywall, uses 90% less energy to produce, with a corresponding drop in emissions (available late 2008).

Serious Materials Inc.
1250 Elko Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
(800) 797-8159

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