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EPA's National Environmental Performance Track program

EPA helps companies with National Environmental Performance Track program to find innovative ways to operate while reducing their environmental impacts.

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Innovation beyond Operational Compliance

A dozen Calif., Ariz. and Nev. facilities, including three owned by Fortune 500 companies, renewed their membership in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Environmental Performance Track program by setting beyond-compliance goals to reduce greenhouse gases, solid waste, and consumption of water, materials and energy.

Launched in 2000, the EPA’s Performance Track program is a public-private partnership that encourages companies with strong environmental records to go beyond their legal requirements and find innovative ways to operate while reducing their environmental impacts.

Renewing Performance Track members must set four new environmental goals, implement an independently-reviewed environmental management system (EMS), and be screened by EPA for sustained compliance with environmental laws.

“These Performance Track members are environmental leaders as demonstrated by their commitment to setting new publicly-reported, beyond-compliance environmental goals,” said Wayne Nastri, Administrator for EPA’s Pacific Southwest Region. “I commend them for their additional efforts to protect water, air and land in the Pacific Southwest.”

The California and Southwest facilities renewing their EPA Environmental Performance Track program memberships are listed below, along with examples of their future goals and previous Performance Track program accomplishments:


  • Coca-Cola North America Ontario Syrup Plant, in Ontario, aims to improve air quality by reducing its PM-10 emissions by 21%, and has previously reduced biochemical oxygen demand discharge by 63%;
  • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company in Palmdale plans to reduce water use by 4.5 million gallons, beyond its recent reduction of nearly 10 million gallons;
  • Pinewood Cove Resort in Trinity Center will further reduce is energy consumption by 10% and has already curbed its solid waste generation by 67%;
  • Ricoh Electronics RSG/TMG in Santa Ana aims to cut water use by 1 million gallons, and has reduced its solid waste stream by 32%;
  • Ricoh Electronics OMG in Tustin, plans to reduce its solid waste by over 200,000 lbs., and has previously reduced energy use by 29%;
  • Rohm & Haas, a La Mirada-based latex products manufacturer, plans to reduce water consumption by over 2 million gallons. It recently increased its procurement of recycled content products by 1,842 pounds;
  • Trinity Lake Resort & Marina in Trinity Center will limit its energy use by 10% and has reduced solid waste by 72%;
  • Lake Don Pedro Marina LLC in La Grange plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 13%, and has previously slashed its energy use by 37%;
  • Moccasin Point Marina LLC in Jamestown seeks to curb its greenhouse gas emissions by 9% and has already increased its recycling by 11%;
  • New Hampshire Ball Bearing in Chatsworth plans to cut its use of nitric acid by 100%, and has slashed its air emissions by 100%.


  • PING, in Phoenix, will reduce its energy use by 13%. The golf club manufacturer has already decreased its energy use by 24%.


  • Callville Bay Resort & Marina in Las Vegas plans to further reduce its solid waste by an additional 9%, after reducing by 170 tons in 2007.

EPA’s Performance Track program has over 500 members, nationally, and 57 members in EPA’s Pacific Southwest region. Since its inception in 2000, Performance Track members have set more than 3,500 goals for environmental improvements, all of which go beyond current environmental requirements. Performance Track members have saved enough energy to power 46,000 homes for one year, enough greenhouse gases to offset the emissions of 57,000 cars for one year, and conserved or restored more than 16,000 acres of land and habitat.

EPA welcomes all qualifying facilities to submit their applications September 1-October 31, and April 1-May 31 each year. For more information, please visit:

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