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Solve the Dirty Water Problem from Pressure Washing

CUACA's reclaiming and recycling all of their water because it is not just environmentally safe, but it is economical, too.

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High volume vacuum power washing that's environmentally safe

Not only does polluting our U.S. Waterways and Storm Drain systems contaminate our Waterways, water supply, and harm marine life, but also it is against the law, specifically the federal CLEAN WATER ACT.

Washing hard surfaces of property is an accepted practice to make surfaces not only aesthetically pleasing, but safe from contaminants and slippery surfaces. Clean Up America California provides pressure washing for common problems such as appearance, odors that arise from spilled foods, pet droppings and substance droppings such as gum or tobacco, as well as sterilization to remove pests and dangerous pathogens. Structural integrity can be affected by gasoline, grease and acids. Internal drain systems need back-up protection from clogged solid wastes and safety and liability is managed when slippery surfaces are removed. But... pressure washing comes with an environmental price -- the use of potable water and the resulting dirty water that holds the contaminants.

Bob MacLean has invested in three high efficiency machines from Parker West that enable him to clean, collect, clean and recycle their pressure wash water -- a highly innovative and environmentally friendly approach to disposing of dirty pressure wash water.

CUACA's water reuse system keeps them on job-sites longer without having to refuel, replenish clean water tanks, dump contaminated water tanks, or waste fuel and labor cost traveling back and forth to the same job-sites. Clients benefit from CUACA's reclaiming and recycling all of their water because it is not just environmentally safe, but it is economical, too.

APPLICATIONS: Parking Garages, Warehouses, Maritime Port Surfaces, Barges, Ship Tankers, Aircraft Hangars & Runways.

"CUACA's Swabby 48 systems will save water and protect our environment, harbors, and beaches at the same time," explains MacLean. "The Swabby 48 has the ability to power wash up to 10,000 square feet per hour."

Power Washing's Dirty Secret That's Not So Little

The Swabby 48 is an alternative to the constant "hidden secret" washing activity of garages and other surfaces and dumping of contaminated water into our U.S. waterways and storm drain systems that environmentally impacts water supply and water environments.

Clean Up America of California's parent company, Clean Up America, Inc. (CUA), has manufactured and sold specialty hard surface pressure washing machinery since 1992. CUA holds worldwide patents for mobile pressure washing machines used for surface washing, water reclamation, and waste filtration.

Large-Scale Wastewater Mobile Clay-Based Flocculant Treatment

This unedited video (6:51) provides a timed example of the removal of contaminants from dirty pressure wash waste water, resulting in clean water that can be legally disposed of without breaking Clean Water Act regulations:

More about Parker West can be found at Environmental pressure washing removes petroleum and chemicals

Blast Wash, Inc. (formerly CUA of California)

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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