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Plan A...Because there is no Plan B. Stuart Rose.

Sustainability in the grocery business starts with a visionary and Plan A.

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Plan A from Marks & Spencer

Stuart Rose, CEO of Marks & Spencer, pledged to seeing through the 100-point Plan A to improve its green policy in all areas, from reducing carrier bags and packaging to setting up an anaerobic digester in Shropshire to turn food waste into power and thus avoid sending food to landfill sites.

And Stuart Rose was knighted by the Queen of England for such a visionary strategy.

"A trim 58-year old, Rose is a good example of green behaviour. He grew up all over the place in the Fifties (his father was in the RAF), so switching off lights came automatically, as did frugality with food - particularly at his Quaker boarding school ('They taught me respect for others and the importance of putting something back into the community'). He believes in putting his own house in order primarily and the rest will follow: gym once a week, a five-mile run at weekends (if he's in London he runs beside the river) and watching what he eats, particularly on the corporate lunch and dinner circuit." Source: Guardian

"I do think we're guilty of gluttony now, there's too much food wastage, people have eyes bigger than their stomachs," he says

Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" had a huge impact on him. The other person who deserves credit is the Prince of Wales, whom has correctly predicted nine-tenths of his observations. Rose is realistic that Plan A is a long-term project due to the size of its scope. He also thinks central government needs to take a firmer approach to recycling and give it nationwide guidelines (naturally, he has talked to them about it), and the public should be given clear advice on food information. This major food retailer has implemented sustainable practices on many levels. They have started charging for consumer carrying bags, which has resulted in a 66% reduction in the number of bags used. They carry only Fairtrade coffee. They encourage suppliers to avoid using palm oil and they've pledged a fixed six-month price for milk with farmers. Turkeys are all free-range and they were recognized for their policies by Compassion in World Farming and Greenpeace.

Plan A, Marks and Spencer

Plan A is Marks and Spencer's five-year, 100-point 'eco' plan to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing their business and our world. They are working with their customers and suppliers to combat climate change, reduce waste, safeguard natural resources, trade ethically and build a healthier nation.

Read more about Plan A. "There is no Plan B."

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