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The New Apollo Program Solution for Clean Energy Jobs, Infrastructure & Environmental Opportunities

The Apollo Alliance's New Apollo Program invests $500 billion over ten years to create 5 million green-collar jobs and global market leadership.

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The "new green economy" is a new catchy phrase that being interpreted and massaged into the next economic phase of American development. National initiatives are nothing new: the Apollo space mission, and the National Interstate Highway System are just two examples of federal programs that developed technology, jobs and new industries that led to global and local economic expansion. Business and nonprofit leaders are looking to the green and environmental fields to be the hub of today's national initative that will lead out of job losses that have been outsourced, and dependence on foreign energy sources.

The Apollo Alliance is a consortium of high visibility team members from government, nonprofits and industry who are focusing on "ENERGY" as that next national expansion opportunity.

New Apollo Program's comprehensive economic investment strategy

The Apollo Alliance works to mobilize America's wealth, skills, leadership, natural resources, and entrepreneurial spirit to overcome the challenges confronting us.

Released in September, 2008, the New Apollo Program is a comprehensive economic investment strategy to build America's 21st century clean energy economy and dramatically cut energy bills for families and businesses.

New Green Economy for American Leadership

The New Apollo Program is designed to generate and invest $500 billion over the next ten years and create five million high quality green-collar jobs and transform America into the global leader of the new green economy.

The question being asked by the Apollo strategists is, "Do we continue with business as usual,...or do we seize the opportunity to forge a new path — building a new clean energy economy that creates good jobs and broadly shared prosperity for our future?"

The Tenets of the New Apollo Program

  1. Rebuild American Clean and Green

    Energy efficiency commitment to reduce energy use in new and existing buildings at least 30% by 2025.

    Produce 25% of our power from renewable and recycled energy resources by 2025

    Bring the power grid into the 21st century

    Improve existing power plants and industries by 20% by 2025.

    Connect communities with transit systems.

    Fix the transportation infrastructure.

  2. Make It In America

    Rebuild the US auto industry with high-efficiency vehicles

    Invest in a low-carbon fuel infrastructure and next generation alterntaive fuels

    Restore America's manufacturing leadership

  3. Restore America's Technological Leadership

    Double the investment in clean energy research and development

    Establish an innovation fund for new clean energy technologies

  4. Tap the Productivity of the American People

    Train America's workers for the new clean energy economy

    Create widely shared economic opportunities

  5. Reinvest in America

    Establish a federal "cap and invest" program to generate and reinvet in the new clean energy economy.

The Apollo Alliance, a national coalition of business, environmental, labor, and community leaders who are crafting a program to equal that of the World War II industrial mobilization that made America the world’s dominant power, producing half its economic output. The National Interstate Highway System, designed to make America less vulnerable to attacks on its cities, became an economic and social web connecting people, communities and metropolitan centers. And it was the Apollo space program that gave the nation the advances in computer sciences and digital communication that drove this country’s economic expansion for decades to come.

The Clean Energy Future

The New Apollo Program provides a blueprint for the new economy. It is an ambitious program, and America is up to the challenge. As the newly elected president and Congress take office in 2009, Americans have an extraordinary opportunity to embrace bold action and take charge of our destiny.

Leadership for the Green Economy

"We did it before. We can do it again," says the Apollo leadership.

The Apollo team is crafting strategies to ensure that a core set of American values and standards are embedded in the new energy economy:

  • Ensure equal opportunity by providing pathways out of poverty and into green-collar career tracks for underserved Americans.
  • Provide a level playing field for energy-intensive industries so carbon regulation does not inadvertently drive jobs and pollution offshore to countries with weaker environmental and labor standards.
  • Ensure regional equity for the parts of America most dependent on extracting and using fossil fuels and therefore most likely to suffer worker, community, and industrial dislocations in a new energy economy.
  • Respect the dignity of work by ensuring that we maintain America’s long held commitment to prevailing wage standards and strong labor protections whenever federal dollars are invested in the new energy economy.

Apollo Alliance Board of Directors

Phil Angelides, Chairman, Canyon-Johnson Urban Communities Fund
Frances Beinecke, President, Natural Resources Defense Council
Robert Borosage, President, Institute for America’s Future
Leo Gerard, International President, United Steelworkers of America
Van Jones, President, Green For All
Mindy Lubber, President, CERES
Kathleen McGinty, former Chair, White House Council on Environmental Quality
Regis McKenna, Regis McKenna, Inc.
Terence M. O’Sullivan, General President, Laborers’ International Union of North America
Ellen Pao, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Carl Pope, Executive Director, Sierra Club
Robert Redford, Actor, Director, Environmentalist
Dan W. Reicher, Director of Climate Change and Energy Initiatives, Google
Joel Rogers, Director, Center on Wisconsin Strategy and the Center for State Innovation
Apollo Alliance New Apollo Program

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