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March 2007 California Green Solutions Newsletter Issue

Read feature articles about "Alchemy - design + architecture", a primer on Solar Power, news about the Los Angeles River Revitalization...and more.

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California Green Solutions Newsletter

Connecting California B-to-B Companies with Regional Green Solutions.
MARCH, 2007

Welcome to the March issue of California Green Solutions, your source for connections to sustainable business solutions. If you would like to receive this monthly newsletter, click here to subscribe.


Green Design for Life
Alchemy Design + Architecture

"All design is about common sense -- some day ALL design will be green design because it just makes so much sense!" says Laura Loring of Alchemy / design+architecture, the newly renamed LoringCruz. "Green design is about more than the environment. It's about breathing clean air and having space for our children and planning for productive workspace." Read today's feature article here.

Can you tell by looking that this is a "green building"? Well designed green buildings emphasize beauty and quality materials used wisely -- and the Mercury building was designed to emphasize comfortable working space and maximize their IT group's productivity

Share Your Green Story
California Green Solutions

Do you have a green B-to-B story to tell? Call us about your company's green solutions and case studies. . The APRIL issue will feature "greenscaping" business campuses with landscaping, solar installations, paving options...and more! California Green Solutions brings together diverse green solutions for California by California companies!


Green Buildings Start with Education, Vision and Materials Selection

"Cost is still a hurdle, especially for consumers," Shayna Prunier, Fiber Consultant, explains, "but increasing the volume of business applications can make green construction costs equal to conventional costs." Explore green business options for building materials management issues. Read more...

Opportunities with LA River Development

Los Angeles River's Green Revitalization Begins in 2007. With vision, dedication and community empowerment, a dedicated band of civic visionaries and leaders have created a movement to remove most of the concrete and develop the historic Los Angeles River as an urban centerpiece. Green. Diverse. And urbanized wilderness at its best. Read more...

Solar Options for Enlightened Living & Working

Sunlight is our biggest, brightest, most powerful -- and free -- source of light, heat, energy, organic growth as well as our source of aesthetic and psychological benefits. Full story...

Sustainable Tourism Depends on Natural Sustainability

Sustainable tourism minimizes impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate income, employment and the conservation of local ecosystems. From hotel restaurants buying local produce, to reduction of water usage by encouraging more conservative turnover of sheets and towels, to energy savings through passive solar technologies, sustainable tourism is broadbased conservation at work and play. Full story here...

Going Green On a Budget

Residential greening can cost as much as 4 times traditional techniques if you don't manage the finances...what are the options? Read more...


Topics for the April issue include: "GREENSCAPING" -- how we can green our business campuses and building skins with living flora and respect for the environment.

"SOLAR SOLUTIONS" -- resources for using solar rays -- photovoltaics and beyond!

If you have solutions stories to share, and products and servics that support these green strategies, please let us know. We'd like to include additional green vendors and implementation stories in the issue. Call Carolyn Allen, .

Green Marketing Solutions

How does integrated marketing differ from traditional advertising and promotion? Check out Planning Tools for Integrated Marketing and Sales Promotion Planning

Green Conference Solutions

Please join us at Ecobuild America and AEC Science & Technology, May 15-17 in Anaheim, CA. California Green Solutions is a Participating Publication at the event and we hope to see our readers attending in full force. This 3 day conference and 2 day exhibit covers everything from green building and sustainable design and planning to engineering, information technology, BIM, and more.

Register by April 9th because the lowest registration fees are available now. Visit to check out the comprehensive program that includes a who's who of speakers covering a variety of sustainable design and information technology topics for building and construction professionals. Remember to act soon to save $100 on a conference passport or get free exhibit and keynote admission.

Looking forward to seeing you in Anaheim! Be sure to stop by and see our booth.

Green Advertising Solutions

We invite you to consider California Green Solutions advertising and event sponsorship to introduce your green products and solutions to California companies. Call Carolyn Allen for details or request a Media Kit online. We're building quality green media to develop California's green options. We hope you will support this outreach with stories, referrals and financial support.

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You are welcome (and encouraged!) to forward this newsletter to colleagues and fact we'd be delighted to see these seeds sprout!

California Green Solutions is the premier integrated green media and outreach platform focusing on regional green businesses and organizations. Publisher is Carolyn Allen, who brings a lifetime of natural resources experience, as well as 30 years of communications management experience in environmental and business niches.

Copyright 2007, Carolyn Allen, California Green Solutions

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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