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Caring for Climate develops Post-Kyoto business solutions

Climate-related solutions include energy-efficiency, responsible investment, and strategies and practices in emerging economies.

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Caring for Climate is a voluntary global program launched in 2007 by the UN Global Compact, the UN Environment Programme and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

The program showcases and discusses new business solutions to the climate challenge and aims to produce crucial businesses insights and develop a clear and shared path forward in support of an effective post-Kyoto policy framework on climate change.

A World Business Summit on Climate Change, to be convened in Copenhagen on 24-26 May 2009.

Caring for Climate identifies practical solutions and helps shape public policy as well as public attitudes on climate change. Nearly 300 businesses, covering 30 industry sectors in 48 countries, have joined the platform. Signatories include a large number of companies from emerging and developing economies where environmental and resource security issues have come to the forefront of the business agenda.

Member meetings will cover best practices and policy frameworks with regard to climate change; investments and technologies; as well as emerging climate leadership in developing nations.

A new GlobeScan survey among Caring for Climate signatories reveals that a majority of signatories are optimistic about their ability to develop the internal capacity to set targets and reduce climate impact, while recognizing room for improvement in implementing strategies and sharing climate experience with other companies.

According to the survey, Caring for Climate signatories expect similar leadership from governments, long-term plans for emission reductions, more investments in low-carbon technologies and stimulation of consumer demand for innovative climate-safe products and services.

Survey respondents further recommend that governments meeting in Copenhagen in December 2009 to finalize the post-Kyoto agreement should ensure universal participation by developed and developing nations, set GHG reduction targets even if compromise is required, and establish workable mechanisms to help nations meet targets, along with incentives for business.

A wide range of climate-related issues will be covered, including energy-efficiency, responsible investment, and strategies and practices in emerging economies.

SOURCE:World Business Council for Sustainable Development

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