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Eco Starter Kit helps consumers green their home step by easy step!

The Eco Starter Kit helps people learn at the same time they reduce their energy, pollution and manage their own personal environment. All in one handy kit!

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I love kits! In a former life, I developed an educational kit to help teachers prevent absenteeism and found that the ease of a kit is incredibly enticing and time-saving. When I met Andrea and Adam at a recent tradeshow, it took me back to that experience. And as I watched people flock to their Eco Starter Kit and uhh and aah over the treasures snuggled inside... and learn about the potential savings with the Eco Starter Kit, I knew you needed to know about this solution that is a self-education tool that works!

The Eco Hatchery has developed the Eco Starter Kit to help consumers save over $260 a year on utility bills, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming.

Inside the Eco Starter Kit are key energy-saving tools that help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2.5 metric tons for a typical household. That's equivalent to: replacing a mid-size sedan with a Prius hybrid…not eating 671 servings of beef…or eliminating 5,500 pounds of garbage from landfills - for less than the cost of a couple tanks of gas.

"This is the perfect gift (corporate gift or friend/family) under $100 for anyone who wants to go green but doesn’t know where to start," said Eco Hatchery President Adam Borut, adding that the Eco Starter Kit is designed for busy people who want immediate impact and a clear menu of options for achieving savings in the future.

An easy-to-use, illustrated booklet provides step-by-step guidance to help the homeowner achieve environmental, health and economic benefits of the kit's products such as:

  • Energy Monitor
  • Home Tap Water Quality Test & Conservation Tools
  • Reusable Filtered-Water Bottle
  • Home Insulation Products
  • Eco Lighting Replacement Tool
  • A-Z Recycling Resources Directory
  • ….and much more!

Eco Starter Kit's Online Eco Roadmap & Community

All of the Eco Starter Kit’s energy-saving activities are linked to an online Eco Roadmap with personalized project and product recommendations for ongoing savings beyond the Kit.

EcoHatchery makes it easy to team up with friends to create a community and track improvement of the group’s carbon footprint online.

"The timing of the Eco Starter Kit couldn't be better, as the economy makes utility bills a concern, gasoline and ever stranger weather patterns have raised consumer awareness of the need to take action, not only to save the environment, but to save cash,” Borut said.

The web site features personalized Eco Roadmaps with interactive tools, an Eco Shop, and Communities for setting and achieving group goals.

Based in Milwaukee, WI, with representation in Southern California, Eco Hatchery helps individuals take the first steps toward energy conservation and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Milwaukee, WI

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