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Schwarzenegger Hosts Climate Change Summit for 2009 Impact

Summit addresses policy positions for the industries that produce the most greenhouse gases — forestry, agriculture, cement, iron, aluminum, energy and transportation.

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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger opened his international climate change summit Nov 18, 2008 in Beverly Hills by upstaging himself with an even bigger political star — President-elect Barack Obama, who pledged a new direction on global warming in a videotaped address to the conference.

Gov. Schwarzenegger's counterparts in 12 states and regional leaders from four other countries signed a declaration Wednesday pledging to work together to combat global warming, a move Schwarzenegger said will help push heads of state to curb their nations' greenhouse gas emissions.

"We have to draw people into the debate," Schwarzenegger said during an interview Wednesday with The Associated Press. "We have no choice. In the end, we are going to destroy the world" if greenhouse gases are not reduced.

The governors and regional leaders in Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Indonesia agreed in the document to develop policy positions on the industries that produce the most greenhouse gases — forestry, agriculture, cement, iron, aluminum, energy and transportation.

Schwarzenegger who has advocated strict reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, said he organized the gathering to show local governments in other countries that emissions can be cut without harming the economy.

Since taking office in 2003, he has entered into partnerships with the governors of seven Western states and four Canadian provinces in an effort to help polluting industries buy credits from other companies that have been able to reduce their emissions.

"You can't go the other direction," Doyle said. "I would hate to see us come out of economic doldrums two years from now and find that we have moved 25 years backwards."

Such moves will not come without costs, however, said Sabine Miltner, a director at Deutsche Bank.

She said sufficiently reducing emissions will require capital investments of roughly $500 billion a year between 2010 and 2030. Miltner suggested the U.S. and other governments weighing economic stimulus packages invest some of the money in energy efficiency projects, transmission lines for renewable power sources and public transportation systems.

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