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November 2008 GreenLines

California Green Solutions Newsletter - November 2008

Find green business solutions
California Green Solutions Newsletter - November 2008
California Green

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We have a lot to cover in this issue. Take just a moment to review these sections, then prepare to spend some time with this issue. It's a little longer than usual, but it covers some important topics in this economy:


business It's fall. The election season has morphed into the holiday season...and if you are into nature, you'll be even more attuned to the rainy season in Southern California and the crisp air of fall across the state. Seasons remind us that nothing is permanent, not even politics :-)

What remains constant is that we must toil like the birds of the field to put food on the table and care for our loved ones. We must keep our health, our spirits and our communities in good shape. So that's where we're at this November 2008. We welcome you to the waterhole...and look forward to working alongside you. We have work to do... (and smiles to share!)

TRENDS this month include political winds that are changing. Where will renewable energy policies and practices take us in '09?

GREEN RETAIL: Will consumers buy green or buy cost savings? I see an opportunity to stress frugality...reduce, reuse, and patch!

INNOVATION is a hot topic among our readers.

Apollo Alliance Chairman Phil Angelides wrote this week in an op-ed: "Clean energy isn't a mirage. It's the fastest growing industrial sector in the United States. It is already generating $25 billion a year in sales and revenue, is growing at 30 percent a year."

He added: "Imagine the growth in jobs, technology, equipment, suppliers, and productivity if the United States actually treated the development of clean energy as a national economic priority. And consider just as seriously the remarkable benefits to America's security, environment, economic stability, and communities that would be realized by keeping at home the nearly $400 billion that we send each year to foreign nations, many hostile to our interests, to import their oil. It's time for America to quit bailing and to start building."

ECONOMIC RETRENCHING is looking like it will take awhile. I'll pitch in some space on our website to highlight your green products and services. Send me your stories (

ADVERTORIAL SPECIAL: if you need quality leads for green solutions, we have the watering hole for people doing real work who need real green suppliers. Call or email for a special deal (free setup for qualified inquiries until December 15, 2008).

PASS IT ON if you want good green stories to spread, consider passing this newsletter on to your colleagues. And send us your solution stories! Your support is potent!

California Green Solutions

Networking During the Valley

I know, marketing budgets have been slashed. So has advertising. And holiday parties. But the good news is that the world has just given itself a reality check. And green, sustainable business practices have never been so needed! That means YOU are needed.

If you can talk common sense, ROI and how to green operations and save money at the same time, your prospects and customers need your encouragement, support and ideas. This is a great time to develop your business relationships on mutual support and steadfast solutions. So get with have new friends to make! And one good thing is that EVERY employee can help develop positive relationships for your company. They just need to know your mission, your value proposition, and a 30 second elevator pitch on why your company is green and thriving.

And a friend indeed is a friend when there's a need. :-)

Green Training Directory

The Green & Sustainable Training Directory is now functional on our website. Check out the training courses in business law, building, operations, cleaning, etc. provided by our first training partner, Lorman Education Services, a leading national provider of continuing education seminars. We are growing this directory to cover all the training topics we cover in our green and sustainable editorial platform.

PS: If you offer training courses, seminars, webinars, etc. for green and sustainable business skills, call us for details on how to be included in this national directory for quality teleconferences, Webinars, training materials, stand-up and on-site training.

Green Training at Home!

We are bringing you a growing list of teleconferences, on-demand courses and course materials that will help you prepare for coming green jobs opportunities. Distance learning also saves you money! Teleconferences take a bit of diligence to remember the date and time...but the savings are worth it.

Here's an example of a teleconference that might be of interest to you and your colleagues:

"What's New for LEED in 2009:
The Overhaul of the Green Building Council"

Get Details Here

This "What's New for LEED" teleconference updates you on the USGBC's newly refined green building performance rating and certification system. Nearly four years of technical research, reviews of many actual LEED certified projects and advisory activities by hundreds of technical experts have resulted in a major reworking of the well-known LEED green building rating and certification program. The revisions provide an improved level of stringency for green building criteria and rework the numerical rating system to be easier to understand. Key provisions receiving attention include:

  • Energy efficiency,
  • Materials
  • Water conservation
  • Sustainable site selection

Changes to green design intent, prerequisites and credits, as well as new information on how LEED 2009 documentation requirements differ from past versions are included.

Not only are the 2009 upgrades comprehensive, but going forward there may be up to a 10% lower environmental impact of LEED certified projects, largely focused on reductions in energy waste and enhanced water conservation measures.

This teleconference will help you understand how the USGBC has extensively revised the LEED program for 2009. Starting soon after its release, USGBC will implement rating and certification using this latest version and rapidly move away from the multiple products of the past.

Since this is the first reworking of LEED since mid-2005 and represents a major overhaul compared to the initial release of LEED in 2000, this material is of vital importance to anyone involved with major green building projects.

This teleconference is totally independent and not funded by any building product manufacturer. Your speaker is not currently retained by major corporations or trade associations in the green building industry. This teleconference and its content have not been reviewed or approved by the USGBC for accurate representation of the LEED 2009 Rating System.

Get Teleconference Registration Information

Who Needs Business Training in the Green Niche?

IT Business Edge reports that "Analysts Say New Regs Will Be Worse Than Sarbox".

"Some say the regulations that will result from the country's financial meltdown will be a heavier burden on IT than Sarbox has been. They will require more transparency in "how companies and what they trade are linked together." And IT will bear the burden because IT will use more audit and review technology to enforce those requirements. The reporting requirements will be stiffer and will require more detail.

Companies will be looking for different skills on their IT teams, too. For instance, IT staffers will need a significant degree of business savvy to implement and administer the systems that will monitor the finances of a company's customers. IT folks with legal expertise may also be in high demand because companies who suffered huge losses may face lawsuits."

Check out our business law courses in the California Green Solutions Training might need to update your skills in the coming months!

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Mark Bittman Promotes Food Sustainability
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Cameron Sinclair, Architecture for Humanity - solutions to global crises
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Sample Training Seminars and Teleseminars

S Corporations Training and Seminars
Learn about S Corporation requirements such as maintaining earning accounts, ineligible shareholders, the one class of stock principle, invalid or missing S Corporation elections, and built-in gain. Owners need good information to make business formation decisions. [Read more]

Document Retention and Destruction for HR - Seminars and Training Courses
Handling employee documentation is difficult and tedious for human resources professionals. Learn proper procedures, key concepts and issues surrounding proper employee documentation and when to legally dispose of documentation. [Read more]

HR Metrics System Seminars and Training Courses
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Learn How To Write an Employee Handbook - Seminar
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How to Create Effective Job Descriptions - Seminars and Training Courses
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ROI for Wellness Programs - Seminars and Training Courses
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Sales and Marketing Events

Sales thrives on networking mixed with the right ingredients: good products, a solid offer of value, relationship building...relationships?

Sales seminars and trade shows have been the watering holes for business throughout recent decades. Venues are strategies are changing, but the purpose is the same. We're all in this together! People like to know the people the do business with -- after all, their survival and reputation are at risk!

Several types of events are popular with bizdev and sale professionals.

  • Sales seminars provide solid product and application information for people new to the biz, or for people who have a specific project they need to implement.
  • Bizdev networking meetings offer "Who do you know that I should know?" opportunities for exchanging tips and contacts.
  • Tours and case study excursions can provide close-to-closing prospects a hands on appreciation for how green your solutions is, and how pleased your customer is.
  • Professional trade association and chapter meetings provide a mix of meeting colleagues (new and old), casual conversation and professional development.
  • Tradeshows are still prized for bringing lots of people together in very similar industry niches.
  • Holiday parties can be fun, and give you stories to share during less funpacked seasons.
  • Mono-on-Mono coffees, breakfasts, lunches and dinners are still the way to build awareness, learn details about how to work together, work out project details, and develop buddies you can call with a question or a hot lead.
  • Office sales calls...they are getting rarer, are being replaced with cell phone calls, on-demand webinars, videos, webinars, and emails.
  • Speaking of the Internet -- webinars and teleconferences are excellent ways to make the case for a general application, introduce a few experts who can be called. But they need pre-contact and post-contact to be effective. There's something visceral about meeting a real person face-to-face.

Green businesses face several challenges in addition to conventional suppliers. They face sometimes delicate compliance issues. They face the high-tech, cutting edge challenge of higher prices. Or they might offer low-tech solutions that are seen as common sense and can be "lifted" for in-house implementation.

Building respectful relationships is a way to solve these problems. As you are there, are reliable, are helpful, are creative with the needed solutions, your prospects come to respect what you can do for them. The "WIIFM" still rules: "what's in it for me?" and the most valuable asset in it for them is your professional value, availability and trust. That comes with time and contact. So we're back to frequent meetings at events. Again.

ADVERTISEMENT provides event registration and promotion for meetings and events to develop professional networks. Free for free meetings, affordable for paid events. Fast, efficient, and easy to use.

I'm All A-Twitter

Twitter is a service that asks, "what are you doing?" Here's my latest update:
CarolynSAllen: Writing articles for California Green Solutions about green biz

I'll be updating my Twitter account with our latest article headlines and items that are intriguing, but don't fit our editorial focus. If you'd like to get twittered go to to subscribe to Twitter.

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