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Compelling Results for Youth ... so cancel the CCC program?

Your voice matters. Our youth matter. The CCC is a way to address both those priorities, plus youthpower for fighting wildfires, floods and local community services. Please check this out.

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Green jobs and Youth Job Training by California Conservation Corps

The state of California is in dire economic straits, but can we afford to throw out the baby with the bath water?

Green Jobs Disappearing?

Our governor is seeking to totally disband the state program for youths 18-25 called the California Conservation Corps. These young adults receive educational assistance (get their GED, etc), and job readiness training which they apply in fighting wildfires, floods and building our natural parks accessibility...and other jobs for local governments. All green jobs. All that build the infrastructure and security of our state.

This program provides 3,000 jobs for disadvantaged youth. It could ramp up to provide an additional 2,000-3,000 jobs to address President Obama's youth jobs and infrastructure programs. It's ready!

Green Job Sponsors Needed

Maybe there are some potential sponsors reading this...or sponsor-level leaders whom you could contact -- leaders who need to know how successful the California Conservation Corps program is ... and can help make this a model and part of the new national youth jobs initiative.

Successful Youth Program for Community Sustainability

Here are some of the compelling results that we need to "conserve".

According to a survey of CCC Alumni...

85% of respondents reported that skills gained in the CCC helped them get a job.

95% of respondents reported being currently employed, in career fields including construction (6%), firefighting (5%), law enforcement (3%), education (8%), government (13%), management (7%), business (6%), and other career fields (40%).

From their experience in the CCC, respondents reported:

85% of respondents reported that they learned a work ethic value;

78% responded they learned punctuality/attendance as a value;

84% reported they learned to work hard every day;

90% reported learning the value of team work;

77% reported learning the importance of following directions;

79% reported learning leadership skills;

79% reported learning the importance of community involvement and service;

62% reported leaning conflict resolution skills; and

64% responded learning effective communication skills.

73% reported that CCC persuaded them to continue their education after their time in the CCC.

80% reported that they attended school after they left the CCC, of which 55% attended community college and 23% attended a four year college.

98% responded that they would recommend the CCC to a family member or friend.

With an average of SIX MONTHS in this residence or non-residence program, can you get behind this kind of value?

CCC Alumni Quotes

“I am proud to have been a corpsmember. I gained skills that are difficult to obtain but easily put into practice and very valuable in today's world. Not only did I gain technical, social and leadership skills, I developed character that can accept any challenge. I am more successful in business because I use the disciplines I cultivated in the corps. I continue to keep a journal. I start the day with PT. My basic household chores are done by 7:30 a.m. and I am ready for everyday with a buttoned shirt, creased and shined shoes. I enter everyday with the feeling of "taking care of business." It helps my frame of mind and my confidence puts my clients at ease. When I walk in the room, I have made a first impression of strong leadership and of being a team builder. After that, it's easy to close any deal." Jesse Davis, GIS Consultant, former CCC Corpsmember, 1998

"I often look back on the days of the CCC with lasting memories. The teamwork and friendships made were definitely remembered. I learned a great deal about myself, particularly about facing up to my responsibilities. I had fathered a child in another state, and ran out before the baby was born. I wrote to my child’s mother, because we were instructed to keep a journal and to write to family members. When the letters went out, I soon found myself, facing the very thing I had run away from. Responsibility. It was soon after my child was born, I started to realize, how accepting responsibility for my own actions was a step in the right direction. It wasn't long after that, I talked to the commander, and made the decision to leave and accept my responsibilities as a father and a husband. That child is now a senior in high school and has been offered a scholarship to play Volleyball at a private Christian College. I also have two other daughters who are equally as talented with academics and extracurricular school functions. I owe a great debt of gratitude to the CCC. They did what the United States Army could not do for me. And that was see myself for who I really was. Thank you CCC, and thank you to the great state of California for giving me a chance to be someone!" Erin Lindeau, Licensed Practical Nurse, former CCC Corpsmember, 1988

YOUR Creative Sponsorship Solutions are Needed, now!

It's definitely time for creative thinking. Please write a letter to ALL your legislators. Please write to your contacts. The governor, the Big 5, the President's administration, your contacts in foundations, corporations, local governments, fire fighters groups, flood prevention groups...anyone who can help fight to keep this very successful program.

The staff is muzzled. They are prohibited from advocating for a change to their employer's policies (the Governor's budget recommendations). They need our voices to save what is working, and to recommend OTHER cuts.

You can learn more about the "Save the CCC" and about the California Conservation Corps program with a few clicks. It will be a great investment of your time and concern.

Save the CCC

California Conservation Corps

Your support is valuable and appreciated

Carolyn Allen
California Green Solutions
Member of the Green Advisory Board for the Southern district of the California Conservation Corps.

Edited by Carolyn Allen, owner/editor of California Green Solutions
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