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I work for a high volume restaurant in Orange County, and would like to begin an organics recycling program. We have about 4000 lbs per week, and have the backing from my company to set this up for my location, as well as other OG locations. Please give me any info you can about how I could get this started.

I did a bit of searching for you and here are the results. The best route to a solution is to contact your current services, ie; the county solid waste department and ask them what is available in your specific area. Another suggestion is to troll the Farmers Market and see if there is a farmer who would like to pick up the waste for their own composting needs. Thanks for your efforts -- your leadership is important!!!! Carolyn Suggestions: Garden Grove Municipal Service Center, 13802 New Hope St., Garden Grove. Hosted by the city and Garden Grove Disposal. Residents may take up to 60 gallons each and must bring their own containers. No bags allowed. 714 238-2444.

A compost website:

Fullerton Arboretum, master gardener Lynne Gallagher does the composting there.

ORANGE COUNTY: Orange County Solid Waste Management provides compost demonstrations several times a year at one of the Outdoor Composting Demonstration Sites:

  • Cooperative Extension Service 300 Revere Road in Hillsborough
  • Community Center (behind the rose garden) on S. Estes Drive in Chapel Hill
  • Scroggs Elementary School in Southern Village

I want to develop a consulting service in recycling, where can I learn the basics?

California Green Solutions sponsors a "Consultants Consortium" in which consultants, biz dev professionals, system integrators and other consulting professionals work together to cross-educate, network and improve their green and sustainable services. We invite you to join one of our teleconferences to see if this Consultants Consortium will help you take your consulting business to the next level.

You can join one or more of the national/international "zero waste" associations in which consultants work out specifics.

A few of them include:

The Earth Resource Foundation coordinates Zero Waste conferences to introduce businesspeople to the techniques and the experts who can make it fast and painless to put a waste reduction program into operation.

The GrassRoots Recycling Network's vision is a world where waste is not waste -- it is a resource. They share the message that we must go "beyond recycling" and go upstream to the headwaters of the waste stream which is the industrial designer's desk and build coalitions to achieve zero waste policies, businesses and communities.

The California Resource Recovery Association works to expand markets for recycled materials

See this articles for more information:

  • GRRN is the leading voice calling for Zero Waste (ZW) in the United States by promoting the message that we must go “beyond recycling” and ...

A highly polluting truck is outside my house / or office. How do I report its fumes, noise and pollution?

Air Pollution Complaints can be sent to your local city's Environmental Department, or your regional Air Resources Board:

The ARB's Complaint Program conducts special investigations of air pollution complaints from all over the state of California, monitors the ARB's complaint hotline and informs Air Pollution Control Districts of possible violations of district rules and assists in conducting selected complaint investigations. To reach the ARB's Vehicle Complaint Hotline, please call 1-800-END-SMOG or 1-800-363-7664.

For more information check out ARB's complaint website .

I want to find a Green Job...where do I start looking?

Green jobs and green(er) jobs are cropping up in every sector of the business world and public sectors. There are green building jobs. Air pollution reduction. Water quality. Waste conversion. Environmental engineering. And Home Energy Audits.

The most strategic approach you can take is to look for opportunities in your own company or industry niche.

  • Check your trade association for special training and certification programs.
  • Check for training programs offered by your state Public Utilities Commission -- often provided through utility companies.
  • Check local nonprofit organizations that provide training programs and certification programs.
  • Visit online "green job boards" to see what companies, and sectors are advertising for jobs -- those are usually growing, thriving niches that you can research further in your local area.
I hope this helps with your initial search. Don't forget that green jobs require some specialized knowledge about science, engineering, etc. to make smarter choices. Add good green training to your search for a green job. Many employers start looking for green job employees with recent training -- and often, at training sessions!

Edited by Carolyn Allen


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