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Fleet Management Solutions with Retread Tires

Transportation costs can be reduced on the wheel and in the landfill when quality retread tires are used on fleets of trucks, cars and other equipment.

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Retread Tire Solutions for Public Sector Fleet Managers in Cities, Counties and States

Logistics transportation trucking and loading docks With the worldwide downturn in the economy facing cities, towns, counties, states, provinces and even villages everywhere, it is more important than ever for fleet managers to manage their tire costs, a significant part of the transportation budget.

Retreads can be the cost saving, and green answer.

Not only are retreaded tires very environmentally friendly, they are far more economical than comparable new tires. The larger the tire size the greater the savings. In fact, for most tire sizes retreads can cut your tire costs by 50% and sometimes even more!

Retread Tire Safety and Reliability

The safety and reliability of today’s top quality retreads (quality matters!) has been proven by millions of vehicles throughout the world over billions of miles.

All major commercial and military airlines use retreads – even on the largest planes flying – as do fire engines and other emergency vehicles, school and municipal buses, taxi fleets, race cars, small package delivery services such as FED EX, UPS and even the U.S. Postal Service, along with all types of other commercial and passenger vehicles.

U.S. Federal Executive Order (13149) even MANDATES the use of retreaded tires on selected federal fleet vehicles.

Objective information is available for fleet managers who wish to evaluate the benefits retreads have to offer and much of it can be found on the Tire Retreat & Repair Information Bureau web site,

Take a look at their extensive information about the true causes of tire debris (also known as rubber on the road & road alligators).

The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau is a worldwide association and our materials are all non-commercial and available at no cost to interested readers everywhere.

Information about Retread Tire Solutions

They will send a CD and two DVDs to those who wish to learn more. Their latest DVD, "Reputable Retreading," contains a virtual retread plant tour, along with testimonials from public sector fleet managers and is very convincing to those who are not certain about retreads.

This nonprofit retread organization will also arrange a tour of an actual retread plant in your area. They encourage “doubters” to take a tour because it is very convincing to see how much care goes into the retread process.

You can do get the attention of taxpayers and the environmentalists in your area by using retreaded tires on your public sector fleet vehicles. Your agency can do well and good at the same time by making the switch to this recycled solution of tires -- definitely a problem for communities that must deal with the millions of discarded tires that end up in landfills!

To order the retread tire information CD and DVDs, or to arrange for a retread plant tour or for more specific information contact the organization:

Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau,
Toll-free: 888-473-8732. From other parts of the world call +831-372-1917.

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