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EPA Twitters Open RFPs for Grants, Fellowships and SBIR Contracts

President Obama would be proud...the EPA is going high tech with communicating real time funding opportunities!

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USEPA's National Center for Environmental Research (NCER) is now on Twitter

Myles Morse, Webmaster USEPA National Center for Environmental Research invites you to stay informed about EPA's open competitions for environmental research grants, fellowships and Small Business Innovative Research contracts by joining the EPA Twitter Feed at:>

Click on "follow" to stay up to date about new opportunities that are sent to this feed.

Examples of EPA's Twitter Listings


  1. $8 Million EPA STAR research competition opens on role of non-chemical stressors and analytic methods... 8:47 AM Feb 13th from web
  2. Hey Nation! – Stephen Colbert spreads the WORD about "Cheating Death" using EPA's particulate matter research! 7:10 AM Feb 5th from web
  3. Two Funding Opportunities Now Open under EPA and NIEHS Joint Children's Environmental Health Centers Program... 12:03 PM Feb 2nd from web
  4. Research Suggests Reductions in Particulate Air Pollution May Lead to Increased Life Expectancy... 12:02 PM Feb 2nd from web
  5. NEW Funding Opportunity: Novel Approaches to Improving Air Pollution Emissions Information... 11:59 AM Feb 2nd from web
  6. EPA Awards $500,000 to Biomedical Institute for Air Quality Research... 11:56 AM Feb 2nd from web
  7. Linking Disease and Tropical Forest Destruction... 11:55 AM Feb 2nd from web
  8. Decline of the Akepa, a Native Hawaiian Honeycreeper... 11:54 AM Feb 2nd from web
  9. STAR Fellow Research Delivers Explosive Results... 11:54 AM Feb 2nd from web
  10. Dawn Chorus: Can bird song identify environmental health?... 11:53 AM Feb 2nd from web
  11. STAR Fellow Studies the Impact of Nutrient Pollution on Marine Invasive Species... 11:52 AM Feb 2nd from web
  12. EPA partners with U.K. Funding Agencies to Launch Joint Research Effort on Behaviour & Effects of Nanomaterials... 11:51 AM Feb 2nd from web

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