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Job Search Telephone Tips

This is a newsletter from the founder of Jobfox, a new kind of online job hunting service that also makes introductions for matched candidates and employers. I thought the job search phone tips would be helpful to those of you who need to improve your ability to break through the noise in the marketplace today. Carolyn

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Job Search Telephone Tips

Dear Job Seeker,

If there's one thing that will make a job seeker anxious, it's the dreaded cold call to an employer. You know the situation: you've sent your resume, and now you need to follow-up with a phone call to pry your way into an interview. This follow-up tactic has become essential in the new world where employers will typically receive 200-300 resumes per job. A well-executed phone call has the potential to elevate your resume from the middle of the pile.

In this email, I'm going to pass along a few tips for making the most out of your cold calls. With a little practice, you'll be on your way to giving yourself an edge in the war for getting an employer's attention. For many employers, a candidate that shows this level of initiative and desire automatically becomes more attractive. To be realistic, most of your calls will result in you leaving a voice mail message. HR professionals and hiring managers are busy, and very few of them want to be interrupted all day with job seeker calls. Don't despair. There's a high probability that your voice mail will be listened to if it's well planned and executed. Whether your "pitch" is made to a live person or a voice mail message, the same fundamentals apply.

Here are the five essential elements of a great telephone follow-up to a resume submission with a sample for each element:

1. Start with a contextual opening: If the job opening is for a project manager, introduce yourself in a context that will make the employer want to speak with you. For example, "This is Sarah Smith, and I am one of the experienced project managers from Smith corporation, one of your local competitors."

2. Say why you're contacting her/him in context to the search they have underway: "I recently saw that you're looking for someone with experience in Microsoft Project. I believe I am one of the most experienced MS Project people in the local area. I have more than 7 years of experience and have an advanced certification in the software."

3. Say why you are interested in the job: "I am familiar with the type of work you do at Jones Corp and think it's both interesting and exciting. Even if I'd have to start as a junior member of the team, I'd be excited to learn and grow in the position."

4. Let them know how to find your resume in their email stack that contains hundreds of resumes: "On February 11th, I submitted my resume with as the return address."

5. Close with a call to action: "I'd love the opportunity to interview for this job. My mobile phone number is 555.555.1234, and my email address is Thanks in advance for giving my resume a look."

I hope you find these tips to be helpful. One of the things that makes Jobfox special is our Introduction Service, which is designed to help candidates get to the top of the resume stack. With this service, you are personally introduced to employers that are interested in your specific skills. To gain access to this service you have to be a Jobfox Advantage Member. To learn more about our Advantage Membership, click here.

We've become the fastest growing job site in America by providing a job seeker experience that far surpasses the old-style job boards.

Good luck with your search,

Rob McGovern,
Founder and CEO of


About me: I've devoted the past 15 years of my life to helping people get ahead in their careers. I started Jobfox to help workers connect with employers in a whole new way. Prior to Jobfox, I was the founder and CEO of In my spare time, I wrote the book Bring Your "A" Game: The 10 Career Secrets of the High Achiever.

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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