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CSR Performance Summit - “Opportunity in a Time of Transition”

Don’t Miss the Only Event Where Performance Management Meets CSR! Solutions for responsible companies and their nonprofit and government partners, this dynamic summit features networking sessions, case studies, workshops, and interactive presentations to...Maximize your CSR impact; Sharpen planning skills; Enhance innovation; and Align CSR initiatives with strategy PLUS: Industry-specific sessions on scorecards, metrics, analytics, messaging, and managing employees, supply chains, and customers. Full information at GSMI's management training website.

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Stimulus. Recovery. Bailout. Spending. Debt. Infrastructure. Energy. Did I just about cover the last month's conversation on the airwaves and off?

But I haven't heard anyone talk about how to maximize the positive impacts of the new trillion dollar debt load we're taking on. So I have a simple solution for you to consider.

IF YOU are fortunate enough to be stimulated with some funds, how will you use them? Will you sit on them, use them once, or maximize their leverage?

I'm hoping we can maximize the leverage of these dollars not just for our own personal betterment, but for America's betterment. That means sharing...and maybe even a bit of "bite the bullet" sacrificing. Giving up on niceties for the sake of doing the right thing. Like conservation. Like greener solutions. Like reinvesting those dollars as smart as you/we can.

My favorite economist tells me that every dollar added to the economy is leveraged up to 10 times. (That's not the kind of leveraging we've been hearing about in the financial world's catastrophy where greed ran rampant and leveraged risk was commonly up to 40x)....but a mainstreet leveraging strategy that brings growth with stability and good sense -- sustainability.

When John makes a salary of $1, he spends it at the grocery store. The grocery store spends it with a wholesaler. The wholesaler spends it with the farmer. The farmer spends it with the seed company. The seed company pays another farmer. etc. etc. etc. We can't just save it. Dollars need to flow ... just like a seed in storage does't sprout, but planted and nurtured, it creates a plethora of new seeds, new nectar, new fruit.

Q: So how can we maximize these stimulus dollars to benefit our American community most?

A: Reinvest it in more green solutions!

When you earn $ for building infrastructure or at a job that was saved by stimulus funding...spend it on a green project that saves you money. Then sacrifice just a bit and invest those savings in a second green project. Maybe an Energy Star refrigerator (if appropriate). Then Energy Star LED or CFL light bulbs. Then some green job training. Then a tankless water heater. By that time, you will have multiplied your savings of dollars and impact on the environment, AND you will have helped FIVE green companies with the same "Stimulus Dollars."

That's how we will make this Recovery strategy a true recovery for America. Green. Growing. AND Smart!

Carolyn Allen

Job Search Telephone Tips
This is a newsletter from the founder of Jobfox, a new kind of online job hunting service that also makes introductions for matched candidates and employers. I thought the job search phone tips would be helpful to those of you who need to improve your ability to break through the noise in the marketplace today. Carolyn [Read more]

Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard Training for Managers

GSMI's rigorous programs in Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard training count towards Continuing Education hours that directly benefit professionals required to update their professional credentials.

GSMI conferences and training sessions are geared towards leading executives in: Performance Management, Financial Budget Planning and Forecasting, Business Performance Analytics and Human Capital Management and Leadership.

Strategic Management Training Benefits

Strategic management training strengthens executive skills to:
  • Identify Breakthrough Strategies
  • Evaluate Performance Effectiveness
  • Redesign and Create Performance Structures
  • Align Resources to Results
  • Manage Organizational Change
  • Link Employee Performance to Organizational Objectives
Upcoming Management Training Seminars and Conferences for Business Management include:

California Green Solutions' GREEN TRAINING DIRECTORY includes seminars and webinars from Lorman Education for more training opportunities.

Green Stimulus Updates

Members of the green industries are pretty happy about the coming Stimulus (the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) investment in green tech and green jobs. Here are a couple quotes from newsletters that cover specific segments of the green industries.

You can read or search the text of the Stimulus legislation (HR 1) here. or details here.

American Solar Energy Society - ASES

Key provisions of this legislation include:
  • Solar and energy efficient improvements for federal buildings
  • Solar water heating incentives, removing the $2000 cap on the 30% personal tax credit (excludes pools and hot tubs)
  • Green-collar job training programs
  • Ending the state and municipal 'subsidized financing penalty'
  • Smart grid investments
  • Expanding research and development programs for renewable energy and energy efficiency
This legislation also funds solar and energy efficient upgrades for schools, solar grant alternatives to the investment tax credit, solar manufacturer incentives, and other historic investments.

Individual tax relief

Putting more money in the pocket of working, non-working and unemployed. This credit affects 95% of workers, including those who don't earn enough to pay income taxes. In 2009 and 2010, this provision means up to $400 for an individual or $800 for couples. Workers who do not earn enough for this amount to be received through reduced federal income tax withholding will receive the remaining on a credit on their tax returns.


How does the Recovery Act affect homebuyers? The Recovery Act includes an $8,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers. Unlike the credit passed last year, homebuyers will not have to repay the credit as long as they own and live in the house for three years. To qualify for the credit, homebuyers must make their purchase between Jan., 2009, and Nov. 30, 2009. First-time homebuyers in 2009 who have already filed their 2008 return and claimed the $7,500 credit may amend their returns to claim the balance of the credit based on this change.

What about plug-in hybrids cars?

The Act provides a tax credit of up to $7,500 for individuals who purchase plug-in hybrid vehicles after 2009 or for plug-in conversions after the date of enactment and before 2012.

Public transportation

CALPIRG is celebrating the fact that Congress and President Obama approved $17.7 billion in funding for public transportation -- including $8 billion for high-speed rail. The White House pushed for increasing these allocations in the final rapid-fire negotiations, seeing it as a tangible way to create jobs and benefit different parts of the country. It also added a futuristic element to legislation that has been criticized as lacking forward vision.

The addition was cheered by transit advocates, who had been dismayed that the stimulus deal included only $8.4 billion for mass transit. "After decades of looking on with envy at efficient bullet trains overseas, American high-speed rail is finally leaving the station," John Krieger of the U.S. Public Interest Research Group said in a statement.

The money would only be a small down payment, though, toward bringing high-speed rail to fruition. Californians voted in November to approve $10 billion in borrowing to begin building a high-speed rail line; the state currently estimates that the project will cost $45 billion to complete.

Let's not forget about California's Budget...

The National Association of Women Business Owners, Los Angeles Chapter (NAWBO-LA) believes that the California budget is a necessary balance of reduced spending, increased revenue generation, economic stimulus and better government efficiency. In order to close the State's $42 billion deficit, the budget passed by the Legislature Feb. 19 aims to offset increased taxes with a strong stimulus initiative including "Incentives for California-based Companies Creating Jobs for Californians" – a measure which through numerous tax incentives – including a "new hire" tax credit – aims to draw companies to not only do business in California, but to base and expand operations in the State and develop the local workforce.

California Conservation Corps

The CCC was saved in the current round of state budget compromises, thanks to many supportive letters and testimonials to the organizations's vital role in our state's natural resources preservation and community services. I thank my readers for their letters of are appreciated! Carolyn
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Consultant's Consortium for California
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