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LEHR is launching the first Propane Powered String Trimmer

Lawn and garden equipment provides a touch of beauty we expect in urban landscaping but it often leaves nasty emissions behind. Enter -- propane lawn and garden equipment by LEHR.

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Lawn and Garden Equipment Emissions

The lawn and garden industry has been a notorious source of air pollution due to dirty gasoline emissions and the over 17 million gallons of gasoline spilled yearly while refilling equipment. To prove that point, for 2010 and 2011, the EPA has adopted stricter emission regulations for small engines like the ones that power a hand held string trimmer.

Greener Propane Solutions

Propane offers a greener option. Propane is considered a green gas which contains 96% less carcinogens than gasoline and produces 97% fewer particulates when used as fuel in an internal combustion engine.

Greener Propane Eco Trimmer from LEHR

Not only does the LEHR Eco Trimmer run on propane, but it runs on a sealed system utilizing standard 16 ounce propane tanks, so it produces zero evaporative emissions and zero ozone depleting hydrocarbons. The canisters are made of 100% recyclable steel and LEHR strongly encourages the recycling of canisters when they are empty. In contrast to the gasoline powered tools the LEHR Eco Trimmer is designed to replace, "the LEHR product is definitely a much greener solution for the garden," says Captain Bernardo Herzer, who is the passion behind the product.

The LEHR Eco Trimmer already runs nearly 65% cleaner than those standards require as verified by a certified EPA testing facility.

Sometimes it seems everything boils down to being cost competitive -- and the LEHR Eco Trimmer takes on competitive pricing with gasoline powered trimmers with similar power and performance specifications. This means that consumers can choose a more environmentally friendly product without having to pay more for that choice.

The LEHR Eco Trimmer was able to ship to prominent retailers in nearly 6000 locations nationwide so it will be on store shelves and widely available for our official product launch on April 22, Earth Day of 2009!

LEHR is launching the first Propane Powered String Trimmer. LEHR's R&D center and corporate offices are located in Los Angeles.

8922 Ellis Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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