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Top 10 California Issues in Science and Technology

Priorities affect budgets and outcomes that then affect quality of life...and even survival. Let's get our Top Ten priorities in sustainable order.

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Editorial by Carolyn Allen

The California Council on Science and Technology (CCST), an advisory group chartered by the State Legislature, has created a "Top Ten" list of the key Issues in Science and Technology facing the State. It is being offered as a catalyst for discussion and as a stimulus to further action.

  1. Stem Cell Research
  2. Energy Supply
  3. Science and Math Teaching
  4. Technological Innovation
  5. Security
  6. Data Integration
  7. Identification Technologies
  8. Electronic Voting
  9. Traffic Congestion
  10. Intellectual Property

California, with the world's fifth largest economy, leads both in the creation of high technology industry and employment, and in the science and technology underlying them.

Another Top 10 Science and Technology Issues List

As a news researcher, a mother, and a humanities student, I look at this list of top priorities and notice a few omissions. So here are my Top 10 Issues in Science and Technology:

  1. Pharmaceutical and chemical pollutants in our water supply
  2. Food quality and production methods that impact natural systems
  3. Education in the ethics and life cycle cost of applied science
  4. Community technologies for basics such as clean water and clean air
  5. Security that is based on good citizenship
  6. Wisdom that uses data integration
  7. Building good relationships beyond stranger identification
  8. The public good represented by our elected officials
  9. Traffic reduction and greening
  10. Intelligent property policies -- less stuff!

Audacious thinking, I know... but certainly more humane and more supportive of the natural systems in our real world survival. I'm not against the Top 10 Science and Technology priorities, just skeptical about total emphasis on furthering technological power without equal attention to the ethical challenges to our sustainable communities and survival brought about by technology's siren call.

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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