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April 2009 GreenLines Newsletter

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California Green Solutions Newsletter - April 2009
California Green

APRIL, 2009
Welcome ... Connecting You With Green B2B Solutions!

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We have a lot to cover in this issue. Take just a moment to review these sections, then prepare to spend some time discovering practical solutions for some of our key issues:

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What green career opportunity are you looking for?

More than 500 people responded to our most recent survey, and here are the results:
Train for a green career 37.32% 209
Find a green job 25.71% 144
Launch new green business 18.21% 102
Consult with green businesses 4.46% 25
Sell for a green business 4.46% 25
Find green business partnering opportunity 3.75% 21
Expand current green business 3.75% 21
Hire green employee(s) 1.25% 7
Invest in a green business 1.07% 6
It looks like we need to find ways to generate more green jobs...and create our OWN green jobs and careers!


Spring Thaw, Green Thaw...

Spring is a natural time of rapid change...and hope. Our human ecosytem is also changing rapidly in this 2009 Spring. Our economy is changing. Our communication channels are changing. The marketplace. The enviroment. And attitudes. We have been confronted with the results of unsustainable practices and are looking to a more realistic, nature based reality. And Earth Day is a powerful new day of reflection about this reset. About the "crocus" of our future.

Earth Day is not only a day of collaboration to spread the word about what we can all do...but a reminder that big ideas start as tiny seeds... and can last a very long time. As long as a tree!

Earth Day was founded by Sen. Gaylord Nelson. On every Earth Day from 1970 to 2005, Sen. Nelson was the day's public face, public voice and galvanizing presence. He spoke at events all over the country, year after year, adding rings to his tree of purpose.

As the founder of Earth Day, I believe it is a day for learning about America's national lands and their wildlife-and how we can protect them by doing a better job of saving energy.

Protecting wilderness and saving energy - at first glance you might not see a connection, but if you study both in a little more detail you will discover some surprising links. Sen. Gaylord Nelson

Connections...I've believed for a very long time that "everything is connected" and Earth Day (and Earth Week) is a time of connections as much as celebration. I wish you a marvelous connected adventure on your Earth Day journey!

Carolyn Allen

Which is the MOST economical green solution for your workplace?

Recycle materials 19%20
Turn off lights 18%19
Allow work at home 17%18
Retrain for green economy 14%15
Reduce travel 14%15
Reduce waste 10%11
Reduce irrigation 4%4
Reduce packaging 3%3
THIS is the reason we cover such a wide variety of solutions! Every business, every home has different needs, different perspectives, different solutions that fit their application. And we need to start where we need it the most! Another name for "Earth Day" could well be "Diversity Day!", a tribute to Mother Nature's incredibly interwoven genius.

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This is the time to shore up your skills to prepare for the changing economic conditions. With new transparency reporting regulations, new funding resources and new technological advances to keep pace with, career training is a high priority, whether you currently have a job or are looking for a job.

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Recent Green B2B Headlines

EPA Tools and Best Practices Supporting the Recovery Act
The Recovery Act (ARRA 2009) calls for investment in "environmental protection and other infrastructure that will provide long-term economic benefits." As such, it provides unparalleled opportunities for the Federal government to demonstrate environmental leadership in energy efficiency, green building, purchasing, and other sustainability strategies. [Read more]

California ARRA Players -- Who's Who in California
The Recovery Act is trickling down to the states and municipalities and nonprofits who are doing business with these public agencies. Here's who...[Read more]

Becoming a Green Business, How to Get a Green Certification
Green design starts with green materials, sustainable processes and end of life take-backs or recycling procedures. Here are examples of green business certitication requirements. [Read more]

National Technology Transfer Center for Innovation from National Labs
Technology Transfer for innovation and product development is boosted by the National Technology Transfer Center. [Read more]

Solar City To Be Built In Florida
The city of the future will be built from scratch around renewable resources. California and Florida resources are being pooled to create the first such 'solar city'...Babcock Ranch. [Read more]

South El Monte High School-Environmental Career Day, May 8
El Monte hosts Environmental Career Day, May 8, 2009 [Read more]

Tesla Takes Orders for Model S, a family sedan EV
Tesla Motors has announced it is taking orders for the MODEL S, an all electric family sedan that carries seven people and travels 300 miles per charge, and which will likely be world's first mass-produced, highway-capable electric vehicle. [Read more]

Green Plumbing in Long Beach Makes a Father Proud...and Hopeful
Green business affects homelife, family business and the health and wellbeing of our children. And home service companies lead the way in understanding the connections. [Read more]

California Community Colleges Presents Economic and Workforce Development Annual Conference
Workforce development trainers and educators conference to address 110 California Community Colleges. [Read more]

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting is Coming...EPA Gets Ready
EPA released a draft rule for mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting on March 10, 2009. [Read more]

Wal-Mart Americas Extends Packaging Scorecard to Central and South America
Wal-Mart pushes for a more sustainable supply chain with the Packaging Scorecard and Sustainable Value Network (SVN) [Read more]

Environmental Engineers In Demand for Green Job Solutions
Need a technical green job? Consider environmental are the many subcategories that could meet your interests and provide job opportunities. [Read more]

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"Thanks to Earth Day, you will probably learn more about wilderness and protecting the environment than I ever did at your age. With your knowledge and support, the world will have clean air and water, healthy fish and wildlife, and beautiful places to visit forever. "
-Sen. Gaylord Nelson, author (1874-1911)

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