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How Specific Is Your Expertise?

Sharpening your perception and measurement skills pay off in crunch times ... but getting there takes some time and practice, just like an athlete's prowess.

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What's the difference between a well qualified professional and a marginal one? Give some thought to the ability to hit the target...exactly. Or very close.

Specificity is important in many technical applications. Being off an inch is as good as a mile... as the folk saying goes.

"Athletes train for many years to be able to rely on their body to support their athletic decisions; it's the same with singing." Teri Danz, author of "Vocal Tips - Top 10 Tips for Vocalists"

Refining Specific Professional Skills

I read a message recently that suggested that to sharpen your time estimating skills, you make a habit of predicting exactly how long a task will take you. Not rounded up to the nearest half hour or five minutes...but down to the minute and even number of seconds.

Why? So that you sharpen your awareness of time and the tasks involved.

If you apply this "specificity" sharpening to other key metrics of your work, you might find that all your senses are sharpened, your awareness is more accurate, your outcomes become more precise and more valued.

For example, how full in a the exact percentage?

How far is that window from the desk?

How many people are in that group?

How many shades of gray are there in a photograph?

With a bit of fun thrown it, this can become a productive adult game that is enjoyed by team members that is competition that has a practical result -- greater expertise!

How big will that traveling award be? Precisely?

:-) :-)

(That's two grins, precisely!)

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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