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April 2007 - California Green Soltuions

Greenscaping the business campus includes irrigation, runoff management, choosing plants, and designing for aesthetics and effectiveness. Composting, and water conservation help save money and soil, too. Solar cells help produce electricity with less impact on the environment. You'll find solutions here!

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California Green Solutions Newsletter

Connecting B-to-B Companies with Green Solutions.
APRIL, 2007

Welcome to the April issue of California Green Solutions, your source for connections to sustainable business solutions. If you would like to receive this monthly newsletter, click here to subscribe.


Middlebrook Proving Grounds for Ecological Landscaping

Ecological landscaping is a solution for corporate as well as residential greenscaping. Native and ecologically planned landscaping provides operational savings, emissions, water, labor, and provides aesthetics, clean air and better health. Alrie Middlebrook has refined ecological landscaping to meet positive corporate and residential business cases. The ROI is here. Now it's a no-brainer to implement smart landscaping solutions.

Read today's feature article here.



EI Solutions: The Perfect Solar Storm Has Arrived

Alternative energy technologies are creating the same paradigm shift in how power is created and distributed. One example is solar energy and its conversion into electricity using photovoltaic systems. "The grid" is no longer the competitive advantage of the utility monopoly. Alternative energy sources are now allowed to go off-grid, and even sell their energy to the grid by state mandate. That's distributed power. Read more...


Share Your Green Story
California Green Solutions

Do you have a green B-to-B story to tell? The MAY issue will feature "Alternative Transportation". Cars, boats, trains, buses, trucks...and bikes! The ways Californians get around and ship our goods. Call us about your company's green solutions and case studies. .

"How do our kids compete in a flatter world? How do they thrive in a warmer world? How do they survive in a more dangerous world? Those are, in a nutshell, the big questions facing America at the dawn of the 21st century." Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times

AQMD Adopts Voluntary Certification Program for Commercial Cleaning Supplies As part of the overall strategy to reduce Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions from consumer products used in commercial and institutional cleaning, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) is initiating a VOC certification program. AQMD maintains a program website with an overview of the program, a list of certified products, participating companies and the protocol for Clean Air Solvent Certification. See related links

Greenscaping California Beaches

In 2005, high levels of dangerous bacteria caused more than 5,000 beach closings or health advisories along the California coastline. Greenscaping – protecting our land-based natural resources-- is critical to the narrow “edge” of surface land that connects upland urban areas with the beach that leads to our Pacific ocean waters and marine habitat. Much of this public property is covered with concrete...which allows rainfall to wash toxic chemicals, soot, and grime into the "natural" water system. Read more...

Zero Waste or Darn Close!

This is an article for engineers and planners who say "Zero Waste is impossible." Zero Waste is good for business -- and that fact alone makes it a worthy goal. What is now becoming apparent, however, is that Zero Waste is also possible. Read more...

If You Must Irrigate…

Irrigation of landscapes -- and even agricultural lands -- is the first line of water defense tactics. Landscape alternative are available. Native and drought-tolerant plants. Xeriscape. Smart irritation strategies...which is our topic of the moment. Read more...

Key Points from the U.N.'s Buildings and Climate Change Report

Typically more than 80 percent of the total energy consumption takes place during the use of a building, and less than 20 percent during construction of the building. Read more...

Composting California for Healthier Landscapes and Food

There are many ways to maximize food and land conservation. In America, we don't think much about shortages of food, but with the new ethanol challenge of "food or fuel", food availability has reentered our business dialog. Read more...


Millions of tons of waste materials are hauled away, buried, or burned each day from landscaping and grounds keeping operations—trees, shrubs, brush, lumber, asphalt, and concrete, just to name a few. Consider the millions of gallons of water, pesticides, fuels, and oils in use each and every day. The costs of these materials—both economic and environmental—can be easily reduced or eliminated with updated landscaping methods.Read more...

Water Use Faces Uphill Conservation Challenges Across California

California has been battling water demands for 15 years and our water supply has remained flat even with an increase in population. However, many of the easy conservation tactics have now been implemented! And the population is continuing to grow. The future will require tougher water policies to keep pace with population demands. Climate changes could also reduce the water supply. Read more...


Topics for the April issue include: "TRANSPORTATION" -- how we can green California's business mobility and transport needs.

If you have solutions stories to share, and products and servics that support these green strategies, please let us know. We'd like to include additional green vendors and implementation stories in the issue. Call Carolyn Allen, .

Green Marketing Solutions

How does integrated marketing differ from traditional advertising and promotion? Check out Planning Tools for Integrated Marketing and Sales Promotion Planning

Green Conference Solutions

Please join us at Ecobuild America and AEC Science & Technology, May 15-17 in Anaheim, CA. California Green Solutions is a Participating Publication at the event and we hope to see our readers attending in full force. This 3 day conference and 2 day exhibit covers everything from green building and sustainable design and planning to engineering, information technology, BIM, and more.

Looking forward to seeing you in Anaheim! Be sure to stop by and see us at our booth. Bring your story!

Green Advertising Solutions

We invite you to consider California Green Solutions advertising and event sponsorship to introduce your green products and solutions to California companies. Call Eric Bezko at: 949-644-4842 for details or request a Media Kit online. We're building quality green media for California to spread awareness of green solutions. We hope you will support this outreach with stories, referrals and financial support.

7742 Redlands St. #3041 ~ Playa del Rey, CA 90293 ~ ~

Eric Bezko, Business Development Officer ~ 949-644-4842

Carolyn Allen, Publisher

Cliff Allen

You are welcome (and encouraged!) to forward this newsletter to colleagues and fact we'd be delighted to see these seeds sprout!

California Green Solutions is the premier integrated green media and outreach platform for B-to-B companies in California.

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