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Letters to the Editor - April

Letters to the Editor regarding hte April Issue of California Green Solutions. Topics: SOLAR POWER, GREENSCAPING, ZERO WASTE...and more.

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Barbara Parks, Career Coach
Green Career Tracks
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Carolyn Allen

April 25, 2007


Thanks. We are an installer of energy efficient lighting and are looking to expand into other energy efficiency areas such as solar. I was particularly interested in the Perfect Solar Storm article. Did you see the articles in last week's Newsweek regarding global warming and what is being done about it (especially our governor)? It's encouraging to see the increased awareness of the need to conserve energy and the corresponding business opportunities. I look forward to receiving your next newsletter.

Thanks again, MARK

P.S.: By the way, you did a good job with the newsletter. Looks like it was a lot of work. Well done.

Mark Pursell, President
Pursell Construction Inc.

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your encouragement and reference to the article about California's "Green Giant" role (Newsweek) in the world's struggle to cope with climate change. The article certainly points out how vision and leadership can change things for business and our communities. We all have a role to keep the feedback from the field and the ideas coming!

Carolyn Allen

April 25, 2007

Good day Ms. Allen

Today I received for the first time your newsletter. Very nice. Energy efficiency and electricity seem to be the norm. Greenhouse gas emissions seem to wrap around vehicle emissions.

What about natural gas energy efficiency? What category does that fit into? Why is there not much mention, if any at all, about increasing natural gas energy efficiency? Does your newsletter ever look into how much emission is created by the combustion of natural gas? I am not talking about power plants, but our Federal and State buildings and facilities like our prisons, and the food and beverage industry in our state, textiles and commercial laundries, hospitals, and schools and universities.

All of the above use natural gas fired boilers to provide steam or hot water for their space heating requirements, or their process or plant washdown needs. Most boilers are aprox. 80% efficient. That means that aprox. 20% of the energy that is put into these boilers is lost up the chimney. That is a lot of wasted energy!

There is a technology that is available to increase these facilities natural gas energy efficiency. The technology is called "Condensing flue gas heat recovery". This technology can increase these boilers energy efficiency by 10 to 15%, and in some cases even more than that. Natural gas has in the past always been a relatively cheap fuel. Natural gas prices have been increasing, as has gasoline. This government and industry look at these increased cost as the cost of doing business, instead of looking for methods to reduce these costs and reduce emissions. We are an Energy Hog country, and quite likely until legislation tells these companies to reduce their natural gas greenhouse gas emissions, increasing natural gas energy efficiency will be slow in happening.

We also talk about conserving water in this state. Have you ever seen natural gas irrigate the lawns and flower beds? When the technology of condensing flue gas heat recovery is used, and the waste energy is recovered from the flue gases of these natural gas fired boilers and appliances, condensation is created. In some applications as much as 400 gallons an hour of condensation can be created. If this condensation were to be treated if necessary, and collected in a large plastic container under ground, when full this condensation could then be used to irrigate the lawns and flower beds.

How much more efficient can we get with natural gas?

I look forward to your future newsletters, and hopefully one of these issues might bring up this technology and other methods of increasing natural gas energy efficiency, and how much greenhouse gas emissions can be realized by implementing these various technologies in this state.

Have a Great Day!
Sid Abma
Sidel Systems USA Inc.

Dear Sid,

We will, indeed be covering conservation solutions pertaining to natural gas. Thank you for pointing out some of the solutions available -- I will be contacting you for additional details on your solutions and the approaches to natural gas conservation you feel are most productive.

Thank you for your feedback and insights! Keep them coming!

Carolyn Allen

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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