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Dual-flush Converter Kit saves Water and Money

Save water with simple options for the use of your toilet. Little steps matter greatly over time and around the globe when global weather patterns are all connected

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Do we really need to use gallons of water to flush a bit of pee or poop every time we feel the urge? :-)

I grew up on a farm without running water. Believe me, I know the downside of not flushing! And having to carry the pot out in the morning. Distasteful topic, I know.

But I just read again a report on how much of the world is already being affected by climate change and major sources of natural water storage in glaciers and snowpack are being devastated. 40% of the world has inadequate water for very basic needs.

We can all save water and have an impact on the water supplies around the world because we are ALL CONNECTED by global weather patterns. Our taken for granted convenience of running potable water requires significant energy to get it processed and transported to us. And then processed again as sewage.

And all that energy use causes global climate change...even in India and China.

Everything is connected. Even our toilets and the drinking water in the heart of China.

Do Something About Water Use at Home

You can do something that's easy...and saves gallons of water every day...and hundreds of gallons per year. And a lot of energy at the same time, remember?

Dual Flush Systems

Consider replacing old toilets with dual flush systems. Dual flush toilets result in tremendous water conservation by providing exactly the right amount of water needed to flush down either solid or liquid waste.

Dual Flush Converter Kit

If the price of an entire dual flush system is out of your budget, consider converting your existing toilet with a dual-flush converter kit that can sell for well under $50.

The kit will convert your toilet into a dual flush enhancing the performance of your current toilet for a fraction of the price of a new dual flush toilet.


SelectAFlush was developed by a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED APs) to give the most optimum water savings yet still have the ability to recycle your old toilet, by converting your old toilet to save water you are also saving our landfills.

Old Fashioned Water Saver Trick

If that doesn't work...or until you get to the store to find a permanent solution, add a bottle or two of water in the storage tank of your toilet to reduce the amount of water used with each flush.

Your action matters. Think of all the thousands of gallons you can save over the lifetime of your toilet! And your lifetime! And the lifetime of your children who will learn good habits from you!

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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