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California CSD Invests in Weatherization Job Training

CSD Invests in Green Jobs Training for Weatherization, Energy Audits and Post-installation Inspection

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Under federal 2009 ARRA funding, California Community Services Division is receiving $185.2 million for the Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program to install energy efficiency and health and safety measures in low-income California dwellings. Of that sum, CSD may use a portion to defray the cost of training workers in weatherization, energy audits, and post-installation inspection standards – all of which are considered “green" jobs.

Over the next 27 months, CSD estimates its local providers will expend approximately $15.7 million ($9.6 million per CSD's estimates and $6.1 million reserve set-aside to be used for the inclusion of new grantees) to support sending their field supervisors, weatherization and energy audit employees, and dedicated subcontractors to CSD-approved weatherization training centers to meet DOE training requirements.

Six Core Subjects of Weatherization Job Training

CSD's weatherization training curriculum consists of 6 core subjects, to include:

Basic Weatherization - instruction on performing the basic and more simplistic forms of energy-efficiency measures, including: caulking, CFL installations, weather-stripping of windows and doors, minor home repairs, etc.

Advanced Weatherization - instruction on performing the more advanced forms of energy-efficiency and health and safety measures, including but not limited to: lighting fixture replacements, window and exterior door replacements, small appliance assessment and replacements, CO alarm installations, advanced forms of minor home repairs, etc.

Diagnostic Testing - instruction on the protocols for carrying-out pressurized diagnostic testing to determine the integrity of heating/cooling duct systems for leakage and the extent of outside air infiltration with indoor condition living space

Combustion Appliance Testing - instruction on the proper testing methods for evaluating the operational safety (carbon monoxide emissions) of combustion appliance located with living spaces and procedures for mitigating appliance hazardous conditions.

Health and Safety Environmental Awareness – instruction on the proper techniques to minimize exposure to lead paint hazards during the course of performing weatherization measure activities, and other safe practices intended to ensure the safety and will being of both weatherization crew members and recipients of weatherization services.

Dwelling Assessment – instruction on the proper method for performing health and safety assessments and energy audits of residential dwellings.

Weatherization Training In The Classroom and Online

CSD’s weatherization training curriculum is hosted and delivered at two training centers within the state, the PG&E Training Center located in Stockton, California and the Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County Training Center. CSD will further supplement training center efforts by developing a series of online training courses, employment recruitment tools, and field trainings all intended to further improve the competency and skill of the weatherization workforces. The online training will offer refresher courses and other educational resources to prepare new employees for the classroom training offered at the state’s training centers.

Weatherization Green Job Training Recruitment Tools

Recruitment tools will assist agency providers in their recruitment efforts for hiring new staff or retaining the services of subcontractors to ensure that these recruitment efforts result in the hiring individuals possessing basic skills and aptitude to perform weatherization work, and competent subcontractors.

Quality Control

Lastly, CSD will retain the services of a third-party consultant to evaluate the quality of weatherization work and provide infield training to agency employees and subcontractor workforce.

CSD anticipates expending approximately $7.9 million for these various forms of training and technical assistance activities.

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