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July GreenLines Newsletter: Creating Jobs, Businesses & Quality of Life!

Green jobs, green careers and starting a green business for more sustainable communities.

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California Green Solutions Newsletter - July 2009
California Green

JULY, 2009
Welcome ... Connecting You With Green B2B Solutions!

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We have a lot to cover in this issue. Take just a moment to review these sections, then prepare to spend some time discovering practical solutions for some of our key issues:

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Which is the MOST economical green solution for your workplace?

Here are the results for our latest survey:
Topic % #
Allow work at home19.53%66
Turn off lights17.75%60
Recycle materials16.27%55
Reduce travel 13.61%46
Reduce waste13.02%44
Retrain for green economy12.13%41
Reduce packaging4.73%16
Reduce irrigation2.96%10
Where do you fit in these economical priorities? There is a shift happening with more people wanting to work a home and take responsible for their behavior. That's a green thing!


Heart matters. The heart of your home. The heart of your business. ...your job. The heart of the economy. And the heart of your community. Your heart!

Our goal is to help you keep your heart system pumping sustainably. Despite disasters and struggles, we can support one another with caring, attention, listening -- none of those valuable resources depend on the economy. They depend on your self-determined values in life.

Both entrepreneurs and employees can support your business with innovation and green practices that refine your best practices. Many "best practice" behavior changes don't cost anything, and can develop a stronger sense of teamwork. Things like recycling paper, turning off lights, reducing water use in the bathroom. And when the economy turns upward, you'll be ahead of the greening trend!

It's also a personal choice to support our jobs with high energy -- get exercise and eat right, get a full night's sleep. Networking and sharing your company's productivity stories can benefit the people in your network. Think win-win-win.

Together, we support our community with high performance and wise choices. We can choose to participate in the activities that matter most to us and don't weaken OUR link in the chain. Discipline of time and resources matter most. The Internet has diluted our focus, and being together really does matter -- so let's make smarter choices.

Your heart -- your health. Care for your health because it is the source of your energy, your mood, your ability to "do good stuff". This is a fertile time to refocus on value -- survival, love, security, and participation in your most important community groups. Summer can help us re-connect with family and our hopes and cultural treasures.

May you feel refreshed in these lazy, hazy days of summer...and get prepared for nature's bounty. Fall is coming...harvest! And that's the season when WE get back to work in earnest, as well! :-)


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We have created to help people connect for solutions -- diverse green products and services. Wholesale, commercial, and retail. All in one place.

Most wholesalers and distributors offer a small category of green products -- and it's difficult to find a "green products" wholesaler. In fact, I haven't found one yet. Offerings are expanding...but it's still difficult to find a robust selection of wholesale products for retail distribution and commercial scale projects.

By filling this GREEN, SUSTAINABLE, HIGH PERFORMANCE directory together, we create a strong marketing hub for B2B solutions by California companies...nationally!

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Creating a Job...a Green Job, of course!

We hear a lot about job creation today. But, what does it really take to create a job? The stats keep coming along that say that jobs are created by small businesses -- and that large corporations are losing jobs. But people usually think about looking for a job with large corporations first... that's a disconnect!

But what size small company creates jobs? Small businesses are defined by the Small Business Administration from 1 to 500 employees. That's a wide swath of sizes!

The United States had 6.0 million small employers in 2006 (<500 employees), representing 99.7% of the nation’s employers and 50.2% of its private-sector employment.

Nonemployers represent 20.7 million people!

Small businesses created 78.9% of the nation's net new jobs from 2004 to 2005.

California had 718,220 small employers in 2006, representing 99.2% of the state’s employers and 52.1% of its private-sector employment. SOURCE:

Small businesses are vital links in our communities -- from mom and pop shops to fast growth innovators and trades service companies -- small businesses contribute a tremendous amount of social infrastructure to the sustainable community. And jobs. And job training. Most "first jobs" are in the small business sector.

But small businesses face unprecedented obstacles. Even the new "Recovery" funding is being directed to governments and nonprofit organizations -- and leaving small businesses out of the mix. We have to look carefully at what kinds of jobs we want to create in the new green economy.

Do we want nonprofits and public agencies to dominate the work of restoring our environment?

Our vision of the future we are building affects how we train our workforce (young and old). We can restructure ALL jobs as greener jobs. Let's train people to take entrepreneurial initiative. This is a new environment of rapid technological, political, economic and environmental change. Let's rise to the challenge!

As well as being primary job generators, small businesses are major trainers of U.S. employees:

The small firm work force includes many entry-level workers. About 2/3 of workers get their first jobs in small firms; thus small firms train much of the work force.

The training offered in small firms tends to be more general, informal, and flexible than that provided by large firms.

Employer-provided training between 1996 and 2004 declined by 6.1% in small firms and 11.6% in large firms. (based on the 1996, 2001, and 2004 Surveys of Income and Program Participation) SOURCE:

Rapid Deployment for Rapid Change

Government isn't known for rapid adjustment in the face of rapid change. And climate change is bringing about rapid change. We need better partnering to cross pollinate transparency and social responsibility in the small business and public sectors.

Solution being offered include:

B Corporations: -- an alternative to the LLC and C Corporation frameworks for small businesses.

Cooperatives: an old way of mixing private ownership with nonprofit benefits with new urban applications.

Social Entrepreneurship: Nonprofits develop for-profit businesses. And for-profit companies are structured for both profit and social benefit.

We have tough policy and economic decisions to make. And new visions to create. We are swimming in an economic revolution and we all need to contribute "doing the right things" to make this revolution more sustainable than the industrial revolution or the globalization revolution that brought us to this situation.

The SBA Office of Advocacy's Small Business Profiles for the States and Territories [pdf file] supply data on small businesses in each of the 50 states.

Small Business Planner is an assessment tool by SBA to see if you're ready to start a business.

Creating That FIRST Job

More than 20 million people have discovered what it takes to create that first job! The first job a business creates is for the owner...the visionary and the chief bottle washer! Many businesses never grow beyond that size -- some by design, some because of poor planning, and some because they change the business significantly enough that it morphs into a different business.

But creating that first job is definitely job creation -- despite how government tends to discount the miracle that is "just one" private sector job. (Why do I say it this way? The school of hard knocks.)

First job creation depends on a recipe that cooks up "productivity" from raw ingredients:

  • Skills and knowledge of the founder
  • Identification of a "need" that someone wants to pay you to solve
  • A beneficial solution: a product or service
  • A business system to support marketing, solution delivery, billing and tax obligations.
  • A vision for natural, organic growth and maturation.

There's something magical about pulling together all those raw ingredients into a "brand image" that you can slap a name on and call your very own business. But there's also a lot of hard work involved. And relationship building. And paperwork. And work. And work. And more work!

Every entrepreneur I've known has had to work at least a job and a half before they can bring on a second person. You have to be able to afford the salary for that second person -- they don't like to work for peanuts like the original visionary is obligated to do until revenue start coming in the door...or in the mail 60 days later!

Planning for a second job takes more effort! First the work has to be delegated so that each person is organized and effective. So that the second job actually delivers a higher level of service than the owner can provide by him/herself (despite training and orientation). And the second person must bring enough productivity and value to more than pay for themselves -- there are overhead expenses that increase when you have to provide extra workspace, extra transportation, extra tools, and extra benefits such as health insurance, vacations and breaks. Yes, even breaks. How many sole proprietors do you know who take breaks? :-)

If you have tips for adding a second employee, please send them to me. This is a critical issue in the green economy because so many green companies start as one-person operations. If you know of resources that fit the real scale of a startup -- with funding for job training, or job sharing or loans, etc., please share. We'll report your suggestions on the website and in this newsletter so that those brave entrepreneurs who want to start a business, as well as those struggling to grow -- can improve their practices...and help grow a more sustainable world for all of us!

Green Job & Career Training

We provide a Green Jobs Training Catalog to help our readers find quality career services and training. The following private companies provide practical training for green jobs and green careers.

Green Career Central

Need some help making career choices in the green field? Green Career Central offers green career services that can help you identify your most marketable skills and find green job opportunities.

Lorman Education

If you need serious career development upgrades for legal, building and healthcare, check out Lorman Education's seminars, online courses and materials.

HVACR Education

Heating, ventialtion, air conditioning and refrigeration are at the heart of green remodeling and weatherization, as well as new construction. HVACR provides online HVACR education for building system jobs including HVAC fundamentals, electrical, heating, refrigeration, boilers, heat pumps and hydronics.

Greening Your Business with "Know Beans About Green" by Bev Oster

Bev Oster greened her advertising and pr agency and has turned her practical experience into a story-based model for other businesses to use as a model for defining their business opportunities and leading their team through the greening process. "Know Beans About Green" is a fun read and an excellent model for small business greening, especially for service businesses. Highly recommended!

Sustainable Communities and Real "Jobs"

I'm so hopeful! We are finally looking at what makes community "sustainable". Family structures have changed so much since the later 60s when laws were significantly rewritten, that we've lost our footing not only for stable families, but stable communities as well.

Many sustainability concepts are restructuring both families and communities:

New food concepts such as organic food, slow food, local food, seasonal food ... all these concepts lead us to redefine what we mean by quality of life.

New training concepts such as apprenticeships (retro, I know!), online training, and serious games...are revamping our job readiness methods.

And many people are now working at home...both as an extension of their regular job and as self-employed contractors or entrepreneurs.

Working at home provides savings with less transportation mileage and hours ... provides contact with family members ... and repopulates the neighborhood. And reduces the amount of additional building space needed for society's productivity functions -- work!

Having experienced a woman's side of the employment issue, I have a few additional concerns that still need to be addressed. For example, we still have not broadened our definition of "productivity" to cover the many services that family members and friends provide for one another. From senior care to childbirth. From fathering to grandparenting. From spiritual to artistic to ecological wisdom.

These forms of value NEVER have to be quantified so that we pay taxes on them -- heaven forbid -- but they do need to be honored and passed along from generation to generation. Basic knowledge, survival skills, and social skills are vital to sustainable communities.

Just as it has taken a long time to observe that "natural colonies" in nature are robust, self-healing, redundant, complex and changing -- so too, we are starting to recognize that human communities are also stronger when they are sustainable.

The Solution(s)

Start with observation -- take this more sustainable approach to community life to new levels of appreciation, and then to allocating tangible resources to support these valuable elements of tradition, structure and living systems that define quality of life...and foster mutual survival.

When we appreciate diversity we are more likely to build caring relationships with one another...and with all life that flows all around us.

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