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Green Transporation = Better Air Quality & Better Health!

Driving less is green transporation -- a simple investment in better air quality...and quality of life. It's possible and it has a high ROI.

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Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest.

Transportation emissions are the largest contributor to urban air pollution. We know that. Now what can we individually do about it at work and at home?

Green Transportation

Secondhand exhaust is the problem.
Driving less is one simple solution.

Even if we drive a hybrid or electric NEV...or use public transportation, or a motor scooter...the simplest solution is still "drive less."

The Benefits of the Greenest Transporation: Driving Less

The most valuable benefit is a better quality of life. More relationships. More free time. Less stress. A higher quality of life. That sounds counter-intuitive, but read on...

Practical Options and Alternatives to Driving

How do we drive less in our action-packed lives and frenetic lifestyles?

Set Priorities for Green Transporation Solutions

Nothing happens without a vision of where you want to go. (yes, that's a strange metaphor for our topic!) If you're rowing across a lake, it's more efficient to know where you're headed on the other side. Your route will be more direct, more purposeful...and use less rowing effort.

The same holds for priorities. Know whether you want to reduce commute time by 20%, carpool 2 days a week, or take public transportation several days a week. Know what is available to you. Know how much you will benefit from your alternative strategy.

Drive Less with Green Transportation Solutions

Carpool If you carpool to special events, you can save 50% of the mileage invested in your social and professional investment. You have face-to-face time to create social capital. You save gas. You save parking space. You promote what you value. Next thing you know, your experience of carpooling helps you find additional times to share your precious transportation resources.

Public Transportation is green. California has excellent public transportation in some areas. Buses. Trains. Light rail. Shuttles. Assisted transport. Ferries. Carpool vans. Taxis. Even rental bikes!

Get over having to own, insure, repair, wash, vacuum and buy and sell transportation! There are options. Not every family needs three vehicles! Maybe you can reduce one this next year...and find alternatives that save you money, time and frustration! And use that driving time for reading, listening to audio tapes...or visiting with new friends!

Semi-Public Transportation How about a fleet of bikes to get around a large campus -- whether work, school, multifamily housing or religious? Reduce emissions, increase speed due to less traffic and parking complexities...and enjoy the exercise, fresh air, change of pace, stress reduction...and fun of reliving moments of childhood! How much better can a day get?

Walk More is Greenest! Obesity. Need I say more? Walking, biking, roller blading, scooting, running, rowing...all physical activity can reduce driving and improve your health at the same time.

Telecommuting is Green! Never in the history of mankind have we had so many ways to communicate and connect. Telephone. Web. E-mail. Instant Messaging. Fax. Even mail. And courier. We can share ideas, plans, tips, opportunities...all by driving less. Consider conference phone calls to replace small least occasionally. Consider web conferences. They all impact the air we breathe less than multiple people driving miles and miles for the same communication value...with the bonus of having more free time that you can reinvest in personal time with your team, family, friends or in your backyard!

Enjoy Nature...How Green Is that! Did you know that people now spend an average of about 98% of their time INDOORS? Inside the house. Inside cars. Inside workplaces. Inside schools. Inside theaters. Inside shopping malls. Inside restaurants...

By reducing your driving and choosing to walk to nearby resources, you increase your exposure to your natural heritage -- the earth, the sky, the birds and bees -- even the people that together make our world a robust natural system. You will reconnect to your neighborhood(s). You benefit personally. You benefit the world around you! Walking does that for you! What an investment! You also meet the nicest people...

The theme is becoming clear here (along with the air!). Driving less is not a sacrifice! Californians learned that secondhand smoke was a health hazard and we kicked the nicotine habit. Now we know that secondhand exhaust is a health hazard...and we can also kick that habit.

Driving Less Is Green, Greener, and Greenest!

Driving less is an investment is a better way of living. By considering your options to fast-wheels, you reconnect with your own life, your community and save the quality of air for our lungs.

By envisioning the qualities of life you want...and by taking one step at a time (no pun intended) your little investments in reducing driving mount up to a significant savings of time, emissions, stress...and the ROI is so very pleasant!

You could almost call this a "greenless" green solution!

Next green idea... buy less stuff!

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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