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VICTORY WALK, INC. - Request for Board Members and Supporters for Physiotherapy Recovery Center

Can you help a new nonprofit providing quadraplegic services in an underserved area? My nephew and family could use a bit of your time, support and creativity...

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Part of sustainability is participating where you can. This note is about my nephew, Greg Lemke and his parents, my brother Al and his wife Lynda. They are creating something special in Northwest Arkansas...and if you are interested, or if you know someone in that region...I hope you will consider supporting this new, supportive solution in an area that previously had no support for quadraplegic recovery. Carolyn Allen, California Green Solutions

QUERY: Do you have time for one Board meeting a month and to OCCASIONALLY give advice to a 501(c)3 not for profit?

Here is a brief synopsis. A classmate's son was permanently disabled (now quadraplegic) in a 4 wheeler(Polaris) accident, flown to Craig Institute for rehab, sits in a wheel chair, and works!! as a computer draftsman.

After his release from hospital/therapy Greg Lemke was being driven to San Antonio for expensive therapy. He had three one- hour sessions a week, then he and his dad had to sit in an expensive handicap-accessible hotel for 47 hours, go back for one hour of expensive therapy. Doctors, therapists, services and technicians blew through his $2 million insurance cap in 21 months.

Victory Walk, Inc

Dad, Mom, aunts, uncles, grandparents and several friends pooled resources and opened a physiotherapy recovery center in Springdale, Arkansas at 1200 N 40th St, 365-2600. Currently open Mon Wed Fri 9am to 4pm, to give Greg and other spinal cord injury clients therapy, physiotherapy, social interaction and support.

We are VICTORY WALK, INC.; we are new young & struggling, we will need counselors and other therapists.

We are working to get Medicare certified, that process takes time. We have applied for grants, again this takes time. We had a multi-family fund raiser/ yard sale on September 25th, 2009: a good success, gives us operating capitol for three months. Anything you might do to support us is wonderful and appreciated!

Just visit and say you care, because that emotional support is a big deal right now.

We have a physiotherapist on staff, Jonathan Riddell, our Board President is Mom, Lynda Lemke, Dad is Al Lemke, I serve as idea person/people finder/Secretary of the Board, cheerleader at wheel chair basketball games, whatever it takes!! Please, drop by to look around. You may see something we haven't thought of . . . yet!!

Dolores A Stamps, Secretary

Victory Walk Inc
1200 N 40th St
Springdale, AR 72762-2710
(479) 365-2600

THANKS AGAIN for continued friendship and for your kindnesses!

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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