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Water and Energy Incubator opens at CalState-Fresno

Water and energy startup companies are supported by a business incubator at California State University, Fresno.

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california trucking pollution solutions Apr 18, 2007 The Water, Energy Technology (WET) Incubator opens at California State University, Fresno. It is expected to be at the international forefront of developing water, energy and other environmental technologies.

The facility will launch new businesses that will help manage water and energy resources and clean the environment. The facility will also be an important cornerstone in the effort to build the Central Valley as a world leader in water technology. The economic rewards of this effort will create jobs, support the local tax base and focus international attention on our community.

The WET Incubator is a partnership between the Central Valley Business Incubator (CVBI) and Fresno State’s International Center for Water Technology (ICWT).

The WET Incubator is a specialty business incubator that combines the entrepreneurial leadership and training experience of CVBI with the research and testing expertise of Fresno State’s ICWT. It will be home to five early-stage businesses specializing in water or energy technology.

The first five businesses selected for the WET Incubator are PureSense Environmental, Inc., WorldWater & Power Corp., Full Circle Energy, Inc., Golden State Enviro-Pure Water and OXYPRO. The businesses will be part of the incubator for six to 24 months, with new companies rotating in as they exit. on-site members.

The International Center for Water and Technology (ICWT) is a public-private partnership dedicated to the development and application of advanced technologies that enhance water use for urban, environmental and agricultural purposes. Fresno State, in collaboration with a growing consortium of members in the water technology industry, joined together to form the ICWT in 2001 with the goal of providing efficient first use and effective reuse of water supplies worldwide. The WET Incubator will enable ICWT to serve the region’s growing water technology industry with testing and certification, resulting in better products with increased water and energy efficiency.

The Central Valley Business Incubator (CVBI) is an independent non-profit created to stimulate economic development through entrepreneurship by offering business development services and training. The goal of business incubation is to graduate successful, financially viable businesses capable of operating independently from the incubator. Since its inception more than 10 years ago, CVBI has supported 3,000 entrepreneurs, who have raised over $12.5 million in capital and created over 1,900 verifiable new jobs for our local community.

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