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Green Materials Composting is an Urban to Ag Solutions from Agromin

Green waste is no longer wasted in landfills -- it is increasingly composted for mulch and compost soil amendments. Agromin in Oxnard is one of the nation's largest composters.

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Bill Camarillo is the CEO of Agromin, the green materials recycler for communities throughout Ventura County and a manufacturer of premium soil products.

Agromin is the eighth-largest composter in the country, and, in 2008, was named the U.S. Composter of the Year. Agromin recently moved its headquarters, maintenance facility and wholesale operations to Oxnard.

Through composting, collected green waste ends up as mulch and soil amendments for farmers, landscapers and consumers. Both Burrtec and Waste Management (the major trash haulers in Southern California) take their green waste to Agromin.

Camarillo said that much of the resulting material is used for agriculture on ranch land. That compost turns soil into grass, used by cattle for beef on your table.

"The orchards use mulch and row crops use the fine material." There are many benefits for putting it back in the ground, according to Camarillo.

Benefits of Compost

Green materials processed as mulch and compost reduce water usage, reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides, and reduce the need for commercial fertilizers. Beyond that the mulch blocks weeds from growing and it reduces soil erosion. On the flip side, reuse of green materials prevents that green yard waste from going into landfills where it produces methane gas...that pollutes the air we all breathe.

Composted and mulched green materials are provided to ranches as part of closing the loop for the community and the process is paid for by the trash haulers.

Agromin provides soil materials free to the local Earth Day celebration each year and to schools. The company also provides it for landscape projects in Ventura County.

"We call it an urban to ag solution. It's a win-win for the community," he said. Agromin has created a sustainable, organic recycling program. It's one to be modeled across the country," he said. "It's created locally and managed locally."

Agromin Composting for Southern California

Agromin's new location is at 201 Kinetic Drive, Oxnard, CA 93030. The telephone number is 1-800-247-6646.

The Agromin Web site,, includes how-to guides for things such as planting sod, container gardening, garden mulch, planting bulb and fruit trees, and many more urban agricultural skills and techniques.

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