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Safety Cones at a Lower Cost & Environmental Impact

Safety and advanced transportation isn't always about vehicles. The system of how vehicles are managed is also important for environmental impact of wasted emissions, fuel and time.

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"Disposable" has a bad name in environmental circles because of all the waste generated. However, when you look at the entire system, you also need to weigh the transportation costs, the quantity of material, the biodegradability of the material...etc. In that vein, a disposable safety cone deserves to have construction and road work crews take a second look at the life time impact of disposable cones.

The DisposaCone is a unique solution to a costly safety solution: disposable traffic barricades reduce wasted mileage spent reclaiming safety cones that are of less value than the effort to reclaim them! And they just might reduce vandalism and theft!

Jon Julnes, owner of Vanguard ADA Systems and the DisposaCone division, invented the product after years of frustration at running back and forth to construction and other sites to pick up 3 of the 10 traffic cones his firm left only the day before.

Finally he exclaimed, "There has to be a better way!" Disposable cones were the more cost-effective and environmentally impactful solution.

When asked about the product, Mr. Julnes joked, "We really ought to change our company slogan to 'cone supplier of the known universe,' since we're always leaving 10 cones, only to come back the next day and pick up 3 or 4. It seemed like we were always spending $60.00 to send someone out to pick up the $30.00 worth of cones that remained, or weren't already on their way to someone's soccer field."

DisposaCones Product & Solution Design

Made of recyclable paper with a small butyl (tar) adhesive strip on the base that keeps them attached to any dry, hard surface, they can be picked up by any onsite personnel. Meanwhile the contractor, whose work needs protecting, can send crews to other projects, instead of clogging freeways and wasting valuable resources picking up products that aren't even as valuable as the resources spent to retrieve them in the first place.

Sized to fit motorcycle saddlebags, emergency preparedness kits, construction trucks, buses, mail carriers and the like, DisposaCones fold flat and easily fit under most car seats. These disposable safety cones, DisposaCones will be available at at retail outlets nationwide.

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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