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Sustainability Designed to End Terrorism...and Extreme Poverty

This is one of the most practical, heartening non-profit solutions I've run across. I invite you to learn about, and consider support for this California-based nonprofit to stop terrorism with sustainable community empowerment.

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The global challenge is ending terrorism...but it's roots are local and deep. And the solution is training to solve local problems. But how?

"The language of this generation is media. We want to be able to speak the language and speak it well," says Scott of Nuru.

Nuru was formed by Jake Harriman, a platoon commander in the Infantry and a unit of Marines called Force Recon.

Harriman served two tours of duty in Iraq where he realized that the key to ending terrorism was to end extreme poverty.

Harriman’s thoughts can be seen in a video called “The End.” In his words, “terrorists rely on an endless supply of people living in extreme poverty, with no other options in life. The only chance we have to see the end of terrorism, is to end extreme poverty.”

Nuru’s 5 program areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Community Economic Development.
Nuru then facilitates the project as a general contractor of NGOs.

Douglas Scott, Nuru’s Chief Marketing Officer, explained to The Loop that they go into a community, sit down with the people and listen. He said Nuru wants to know what the people feel they need to help themselves, instead of making the assessments and moving ahead on their own.

“We want mutual respect and we want to work for the same common goals,” said Scott. “We equip people with the skills they need to lift themselves from extreme poverty.”

As an example, Scott said a lot of communities need clean water. Nuru teaches the people about water borne diseases, how they spread and how to protect themselves from them.

Nuru will then dig wells in the community, providing a clean water supply. But they don’t stop there. The people are then trained in how to maintain the well and fix it if the mechanisms breakdown.

Scott said he’s seen communities that had wells, but the pumps broke and nobody knew how to repair them. He believes Nuru’s efforts will stop that cycle.

This one-year old non-profit is using education to help communities, help themselves and they’re using technology to do it. As part of what they communicate to the world, Nuru produces quite a few videos and pictures. Many are uploaded via satellite directly from the communities while they are working there.

Nuru partners with those organizations, inviting them into our project to apply their expertise in Nuru’s 5 program areas: Agriculture, Water & Sanitation, Healthcare, Education, and Community Economic Development. Nuru then facilitates the project as a general contractor of NGOs.

Read the full story at

Nuru International
71 Manzanita Rd
Atherton, CA 94027

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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