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PowerPathway™ Training Network for Energy and Utility Workforce Training

PowerPathway Bridge Programs—In 2008 and early 2009, PG&E offered customized, short-term courses at local community colleges designed to strengthen participants’ candidacy for employment and add to their knowledge of the energy and utility industry.

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PowerPathway’s vision is to offer a portfolio of programs aimed at building energy workforce capacity within the state of California to produce the skilled workers needed by the energy and utility industry. The PowerPathway Portfolio includes four separate but interconnected efforts.

PowerPathway: Career Prep

In order to enlarge the talent pool of qualified skilled craftworkers and identify candidates for other hard-to-hire positions, PG&E is working with its community resources to attract and prepare the right people with the right skills at the right time.
  • PowerPathway Bridge Programs—In 2008 and early 2009, PG&E offered customized, short-term courses at local community colleges designed to strengthen participants’ candidacy for employment and add to their knowledge of the energy and utility industry. There are no additional Bridge Programs accepting applications at this time.
  • PowerPathway Capstone Programs—Provide additional coursework for students who have completed a prerequisite associate degree or certificate. Learn about the Butte College Capstone Welding Program.
  • PowerPathway Endorsed Programs—Individuals seeking energy careers can expand on their formal training by completing coursework identified as related to PG&E positions. These programs lead to certificates of completion or associate degrees and are one or two years in length. Learn more about endorsed programs.
  • PowerPathway Sourcing—For difficult-to-hire positions, like customer service representative, PG&E works with local community organizations, including Workforce Investment Boards, to recruit and pre-screen potential applicants.

PowerPathway: Education

By generating early interest in Science/Technology/English and Math (STEM) pathways and career technical education, technology-based companies and educators work to enhance the preparation of tomorrow’s graduates so they are able to compete for positions in our industry. Industry research shows that the high dropout rates and the low level of science and applied science education selected by students is impacting their ability to qualify for the jobs of today... and tomorrow.

STEM Preparation & STEM Career Pathways

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is a national education program that helps local youth develop science math and engineering interest, knowledge and skills.

Education plays a significant role in enabling the U.S. to move in the direction of the new energy policies. To meet future demand for scientists and engineers, utility companies join others to advocate for strengthening STEM-related programming for educators and students.

PowerPathway: Green

In support of communities’ efforts to improve energy efficiency, PG&E and other independent utility companies are guiding cities and municipalities on best practices to build the necessary local green workforce. PG&E accomplishes this through their PowerPathway programs, energy training facilities, and outreach.

Green Jobs Primer: Designed to help communities attract and train the green workforce needed to green their cities and municipalities, the Green Jobs Primer shares best practices learned through the development of PG&E’s PowerPathway program, as well as the company’s experience with local hiring initiatives.

PowerPathway Training Network: The PG&E PowerPathway Training Network lends expertise to educational institutions in order to build out their capacity to deliver curriculum relevant in the green energy economy.

PG&E Power Pathway

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