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Clean Tech Bubble

Looking for funding? Have an idea you want to turn into a business. New Year's resolutions are a great place to turn bubble making into the next big business bubble!

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Clean tech needs a bubble maker? :-) How big can you make a bubble?

I can just see it meetings start with a soap bubble exercise. We practice our bubble making. We compare bubbles. We burst bubbles. We admire the sheen and organic shapes of bubbles we make.

Need something to mull over in your holiday mulling time?

Okay... I'd New Year's Day and I'm allowed a bit of humor before I get back to the serious business of productivity and saving the world!

Clean tech is one significant part of the green transformation of our society. And the Cleantech Open is one of the organizations and events you can use to sharpen your business and innovation skills. Here's how...


Market your strengths, knowhow, and your best practices. "Think big (for strategy), start small (for market entry strategy) move fast (with execution)". You can move faster...don't give that up and let someone come in later and overtake you. Get started and refine what you're doing. Don't hesitate.


Competitors are 1)status quo, 2) internal solutions, 3) other innovative startups, 4) current dominant players in an adjacent space. Do a SWOT analysis. Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats.

Business Plan and Business Model

Get some use out of this effort! VCs don't read most business plan, they just want to see your credibility, I've heard. But what goes into it is important to YOU. Useful place to collect hypotheses (guesses) about your business. Size of market. Who your customers are. Path to them - distribution. Marketing for demand generation. Your financials (revenue/expenses).

Your domain expertise helps you refine these guesses. Today, VCs are a little looser with expertise than in the past. Embarrassed? Vision, passion and idea can sometimes get funding... in a good economy.

Use your biz plan as a first pass to gather facts and questions to quickly turn hypotheses into facts by getting into the real world and turning them into executable knowledge.

... So those are some bubbles to blow. Make lots of guesses. Make a few big guesses. Watch them float by...and watch them burst when they hit a sharp object! Then get real and turn these moments of wonder into practical business strategies, products and services that meet real needs. Real solutions to real problems.

We work hard to bring you insights that inform those guesses and help you connect with people and resource centers with answers, orders and investment funds. That's our solution for small green business growing pains.

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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