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Your Contract with Earth and Time

We need vision to steer our way across the waves and sands of time. Green is like a contract...

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"Society is indeed a contract…between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born." Edmund Burke (1792)

A contract with time... that's a mind bending concept. The earth has that kind of contract with us. And it brings a lot of change into that timeline. Maybe we need to learn from earth's timeline of a continual, volatile, but sustainable ecosystem.

"Volatility" of earth reminds me of the volatility of our political system, and our economic system, and our family / marriage system, and our technology sectors. While we think we're a stable society, we're really not very stable.

To me, the green way of living and working is about identifying what can be stable, what can be a mutually beneficial exchange (or contract) between groups of people, other species, and the earth itself.

That little lifeboat bobbing in the middle of the ocean is the best metaphor I've found to explain why it's important for us to care for our little haven of life in the vastness of space.

The storms grow and subside around us. The dolphins and phytoplankton, and squid and sharks swim around us. The rain refreshes us and chills us. And we face the challenges of daily survival. Sometimes we succeed, and then we die.

That's the green way.

That's your contract that offers mutual benefit between you and the earth's richness of life and seasons and minerals and rays of sunshine.

This contract is not written on paper, it's written on your heart. It's your vision, your commitment, your love, and your survival.

That's as sustainable as it gets.


Edited by Carolyn Allen
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