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New Product THIS Climate !#?$?

Whether you sell wholesale or retail green products, we've reached a new level of buyer expectations. And green isn't good enough any longer!

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I was puzzling over several new product releases and recalls this week... wondering if ANY product can survive the nasty attitude in the consumer space these days. (And mad as hell...I get it, and I understand it.)

The corporate favorites of the past several years are having a difficult time... Apple, Google, Toyota. Is there a problem with the innovation process, and the commercialization process?

When people are hurting economically, they're not in the mood to take chances with their pennies... or dollars. Price is a big factor in new product releases that promise MORE...and charge a premium for the greater productivity or glamor.

Times have changed. Green is also changing.

Recent research surveys in green building indicate that consumers are NOT willing to pay more for greener housing. Nor in organics. Not in automobiles. Paying more for green seems to be a bygone era. Buy why?

That's the question that we need to understand and put into perspective.

The following ad is an interesting updated approach to the REAL GREEN MARKET of 2010:

USDA Certified Organic Household Cleaners are Finally Here! Greenology Products Has Made History

The word "natural" continues to remain undefined and is often confusing to consumers. Many manufacturers push the boundaries of what is truly considered natural. Because of this, Greenology Products spent 18 months developing a line of organic All-Purpose, Bathroom, Glass & Kitchen Cleaners that met NOP (National Organic Program) requirements and are certified by the USDA.

We have recently won approval for the worlds first and only certified organic Laundry Detergent as well. It wasn't easy, but we were on a mission to change the way cleaning products are produced and used by families and businesses. Wanting to significantly raise the standards bar in cleaning was easy motivation for us because so much evidence points to chemical related health symptoms and poor indoor air quality at home, school and work.

As for performance, our Glass cleaner was given a "BEST" rating by the NY Times in a May 14th, 2009 review against 19 other national brand Glass cleaners. Not only are we certified organic, but the product works extremely well and is competitively priced against the national brands. It's a win for consumers and families.

The BOLD has been added to point out the new strategy in the marketplace. Certified. Works extremely well. Competitively priced against national brands -- not other organic products, but NATIONAL BRANDS.

Consumers want assurance. They want high performance. And by-xxx, they want real pricing value!

They want choice that is greener with the baseline values they have come to expect. No more. No less. (Plus green...for the same price.)

And that's our challenge as business people. Pricing and merchandising systems are very real and very significant, inextricable even, parts to a product. Just like packaging became a decade ago. Just like certification by the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" in bygone eras.

It's time to do an audit of your products, pricing and performance level to see if your offer measures up. Yes. Measures up!

Green is no longer perceived as better. It's perceived as a choice for quality ... like any other quality. Green has become feature and it has lost its standalone significance.

PS: And make sure your PEOPLE are certified as well. Check out the array of job certifications that can provide you with excellence in your workplace structure:

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