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Los Angeles 2010 Update on Environmental Programs

Keeping pace with economic conditions, Los Angeles greening efforts take a turn for practicality.

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The work of a city continues, even during tough times... the work just continues in a different way. I remember a story about why Russian scientists are experts in theoretical science and American scientists are experts in application science. Americans had abundant resources, and Russians had a pad and pencil!

We work with what we have! And the same applies to communities. Times vary. Resources rise and fall. But the needs for security, flood control, recreation, and waste management continue. We find new ways to work during the tough times.

Many Angelenos don’t know it, but there is a vision and a plan for the future of Los Angeles. The vision can be found in the City’s General Plan Framework. The vision is made up of eight guiding principles:

1) Direct growth to the right places
2) Provide homes for everyone
3) Create enough jobs
4) Create easy ways to get around
5) Protect the environment and provide places to play
6) Maintain infrastructure and public services
7) Create a livable city
8) Make it happen

These guiding principles are primarily implemented through 35 Los Angeles Community Plans which make up the City’s Land Use element.

The Los Angeles River Revitalization

The Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan is a multi-billion dollar project to transform 32 miles of the river shoreline into a continuous, carbon-sequestering greenway, uniting communities along the way. Read more about the River Master Plan. And frequently asked questions are in the LA River FAQ.

The number one priority of the revitalization process is to preserve the flood protection that is provided by the existing river system. No adverse impacts to this protection would be recommended nor implemented. Rather, opportunities to enhance flood protection and safety through a variety of means will be considered. Examples may include the use of detention areas for flood waters, additional channel capacity, and wise watershed practices.

City Councilmember Ed Reyes is overseeing the LA River Revitalization project. The Bureau of Engineering gave a briefing in February, 2010 that included potential development sites, funding sources, underused public land, high speed rail and ways to piggy back

Arroyo Seco LEED Neighborhood Development

City Councilmember Ed Reyes has also been hard at work planning the Arroyo Seco neighborhood development—potentially the first LEED-certified neighborhood in the nation. In collaboration with the community, the Los Angeles Department of City Planning is developing the

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