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Igniting Inspiration in Communication - J Marshall Roberts (5 videos)

Part 1 - John Marshall Roberts - Igniting Inspiration

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John Marshall Roberts is a communications researcher and educator who is applying pragmatic communications knowledge and techniques to modern problems such as social media and green, sustainable change.

Based on the research and field applications of Dr. Clare W. Graves, who inspired human thinking and how to make sense, Roberts presents an overview of how human civilization, tribes, businesses and even spiritual movements have evolved. Graves' 40 years of disciplined research and implementation has been called "Spiral Dynamics".

Graves' Eight Levels of Human Thinking include:

  1. Autistic Thinking (Before 40,000 BCE)
  2. Magical Thinking (After 40,000 BCE)
  3. Heroic Thinking (Approximately 8000 BCE)
  4. Absolutistic Thinking (4,000 - 2,000 BCE)
  5. Individualist Thinking (1300 - 1400 CE)
  6. Humanistic Thinking (Approx. 1900 CE)
  7. Systemic Thinking (Approx 1950 CE)
  8. Holistic Thinking (Origin in process)

Part 2 Human History of Civilization

Part 3: Back to Reality!

Pay close attention to Levels FOUR through SEVEN (about 90% of the American public! Identify key words, metaphors and values that people care most about.

Key Assumptions to Examine:

  • Separation is real. > Unity
  • Goal of communications is to get information across. > Creativity
  • It's a linear process. > Collaboration

Part 4: How to Apply This to Marketing

We all have to work through these levels every day... issue by issue.

Obama's marketing campaign was a textbook of the future of marketing strategy.

Five Easy Steps: Simple practical tool for social visionaries...and check out his book, "Igniting Inspiration". Base communications on Body, Mind, Spirit!

Understand how these strategies, filters and worldviews work.

Part 5:

The transformational "Design Spiral". Lead your thinking into a natural spiral, a system that is at the heart of nature.

Transformational Design® - for moving beyond the "information age" into the "conceptional age".

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J Marshall Roberts

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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