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Earth Day celebrates 40 years in 2010. Hmmm.... I was 20 when it started.

Nope, I didn't particpate in it. I was getting married and starting my family, visiting my folks on their organic farm, working in a manufacturing company that made electrical infrastructure poles ... and learning my career skills of graphics and writing.

But this Earth Day ... yep, I'm fully engaged.

We are sponsoring a "GREEN CAREERS WEBINAR" on April 20. And supporting more than 1,000 companies with visibility about their everyday solutions.

That thought came to me as I read a rant by Gwen Ruta in the Environmental Defense newsletter, "EDF Innovation Exchange Blog":

Why do we have to wait for April 22 each year to hear about companies acting on sustainability?

And while it’s true that many companies pitch environmental stories on Earth Day – it’s their best chance of getting coverage – more and more of them are acting on it every day.

A recent study by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship revealed that, despite the recession, an increasing number of American businesses are expanding environmental efforts like greening of products, services and operations and integrating citizenship into their business strategy, with 75% of CEOs leading the agenda.

Why? There are many reasons – a renewed focus on cost management, opportunities to capture market share, supplier pressures and a new level of corporate transparency, to name just a few. Or perhaps it’s just that it makes good business sense to understand how your products and operations impact and are impacted by the world around you. When natural resources are running scarce and prices for basic business necessities like water, fuel and raw materials are so volatile, smart execs know that environmental innovation must be a core part of their business strategy.

This is reinforced in a new report by the management consultants at A. T Kearny, which showed that companies focused on sustainability outperformed their peers by 15% during the financial crisis.

So if you have green solutions, please know that we, at California Green Solutions and Solutions For Green -- are here 365 days a year giving you visibility, support, and leads from people who ALSO want to do the green thing responsibly and sustainably 365 days a year.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for your work in preserving the natural systems upon which our very breath depends!


Edited by Carolyn Allen
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