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You Can Help Kick HOME STAR Into Gear!

HOME STAR, Cash for Caulkers, as it is sometimes called) is a proposed federal program that would provide direct incentives to American homeowners who invest in improving the energy efficiency

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What is HOME STAR all about?

HOME STAR (or “Cash for Caulkers” as it is sometimes called) is a proposed federal program that would provide direct incentives to American homeowners who invest in improving the energy efficiency of their homes. The basic structure of the HOME STAR program was developed by a committee of private sector advisors, with participation by Efficiency First.

HOME STAR (aka “Cash for Caulkers”) would reimburse homeowners for residential energy upgrades such as air sealing, insulation, new light bulbs and new appliances.

Homeowners would be eligible to receive up to $2,000 for implementing at least two upgrades from a list of qualifying measures, or up to $3,500 for at least four qualifying measures. Higher incentives would be available to homeowners who achieve energy savings of at least 20 percent. Weatherization projects that reduce energy consumption by 20 percent would be eligible to receive up to $4,000 in incentive money, plus $1,500 for every additional 5 percent reduction in energy consumption.

Efficiency First

Efficiency First is a national nonprofit trade association that unites the Home Performance workforce, building product manufacturers and related businesses and organizations in the escalating fight against global warming and rising energy costs. Efficiency First represents its members in public policy discussions at the state and national levels, to promote the benefits of efficiency retrofitting and to help our industry grow to meet unprecedented demand for quality residential energy improvements.

Proposed national incentives for residential efficiency retrofits would address America's urgent need for job creation in the troubled construction and manufacturing sectors.

How You Can Help to Make HOME STAR a Reality (in only 15 minutes!)

Take action here

1. Join the Home Star Coalition

2. Email your Senators and Representatives

3. Call your Senators and Representatives

4. Spread the word

Send people a link to and ask them to voice their support.

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