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Ecotimber Hand-Scraped Flooring wins Earth Day Award

Ecotimber wood products include reclaimed, bamboo, and FSC hardwood flooring.

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2007 Product & Manufacturing
Earth Day Award
EcoBuild 2007

EcoTimber Hand-Scraped Flooring

EcoTimber Hand-Scraped Flooring earned the most points in the Production & Manufacturing category of the Green Building Pages Earth Day Awards. With a total of 211.6/325 possible sustainability credits in this phase of the product life cycle, the Earth friendly company was awarded the 2007 Earth Day Award for:
  • Reducing the impacts of Inputs and Outputs
  • Reducing the use of Water and Energy
  • Reducing Green House and Ozone Depleting Gases
  • Reducing Packaging, and
  • Reducing the environmental impacts of Transportation in the Production & Manufacturing processes.
Purchasing eco-friendly wood products does not mean sacrificing beauty, durability, or ease of installation for environmentally-minded architects, designers, store planners, developers, home builders, contractors, and homeowners.

EcoTimber offers a wide range of gorgeous domestic and exotic hardwood and bamboo flooring, including prefinished engineered and floating floors. We provide many types of bamboo flooring, hardwood flooring and bamboo hardwood flooring products. All EcoTimber flooring is milled in standard formats that contractors feel comfortable with, and we offer warranties that match the best in the business.

Reclaimed wood can provide the benefits of old-growth timber without the environmental costs. Vast quantities of old-growth lumber can be found in old warehouses, buildings, bridges, tanks, and other structures that await deconstruction and reuse. Nail holes, bolt holes, and other fastener marks are part of the antique appeal of this unique resource.

Wood products can also be carefully salvaged from urban areas, orchards, and river and lake bottoms. Every year, for example, a huge number of trees are removed from city streets, backyards, and parks due to disease, storm damage, and other causes. The majority of this wood winds up in landfills, but a growing percentage is being diverted as people discover this overlooked resource, which includes top grades of both unique and common hardwoods and softwoods.

Since 1992, EcoTimber has promoted forest conservation worldwide by selling sustainably-harvested and reclaimed wood products. Wood products from forests are certified well-managed according to the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We also offer wood that is reclaimed from old buildings, and wood alternatives such as bamboo.

EcoTimber provides full technical support, including but not limited to data sheets for our bamboo & hardwood flooring products, specification guidelines, samples, and installation instructions.

1611 Fourth Street
San Rafael CA 94901
tel 415.258.8454
fax 415.258.8455

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