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Q&A: Tell Your Story Here...

We provide editorial stories about a lot of companies and green solution programs... but we can't cover everyone with individual coverage. And we feel bad about that. So... we are now offering YOU the opportunity to tell your solution a simple Q&A format.

Find green business solutions

Q&A About Your Green Solutions

Simply copy the following questions into an email. And answer them. If a question doesn't apply... skip it or edit the question so it applies. We will verify your content and lightly edit to fit our editorial standards. And we will provide a live link to your website... can't get better than that for SEO value!

This is our way of providing better solutions for our readers. And better visibility for great, green solutions!

There is no charge for this service. We do reserve the right to exclude or edit submissions to fit our editorial standards.

We do hope you will provide a link to our website(s) for your readers ... to help spread the green and help make YOUR story more visible. SEO is a cooperative thing'a'ma'jig! :-)

And consider adding your listing
to our green company directory as well
...once you have the story written up!
It gives you ANOTHER link to your prospects!

Make your story interesting! Make it real. And make it solutions-rich!

What green, sustainability, or high-performance solution(s) do you provide?

What environmental problems do you address ... and how?

What benefits do you provide?

Share a brief case study with problem, bad practices, best practices, solution, and ROI results.

Please describe the niche market applications you solve BEST.

What are the key metrics your customers/clients realize with your solution?

What do your customers and stakeholders appreciate most about your organization?

What is the "usual" ROI (return on investment) for your green solution?

What are your key service categories?

What are your SIC or NAIC code categories?

What green/sustainability and quality assurance certifications do you hold?

How is your supply chain coming along... are you helping green them? How?

What is your strategy to support the 10 year crunch ahead of us to reduce climate change, pollution, economic recovery, resource shortages, etc?

What keywords do prospects use to find you on the Internet?

What is your service area (region, headquarters and locations)?

How do prospects contact you?

We hope you will also sign up for our "GreenLines" newsletter to learn of additional opportunities. We will also highlight the best case studies in this newsletter.

Your voice... and your solutions matter!

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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