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Carolyn's Top Ten On-Line Career Tools

Carolyn's Top Ten Career Tools will help you find online resources for a job -- or a career stimulus plan!

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The best tools I've found for career development and skills development for those with an entrepreneurial bent include:

Online Resume

VisualCV provides a multi-media resume that shows off your communication skills such as work samples, charts and graphs, audio, video and images. BEWARE, don't disclose proprietary information... even unsuspecting visual designers can get caught if they don't have permission to use specific images... been there, done that many years ago!

Professional Networking

LinkedIn provides professional networking groups in which you can learn, network, ask questions that help you understand and connect with a valuable supply chain network. I have found that Facebook is used for family and friends... and MySpace by teenagers... LinkedIn is the professional networking space.

Networking Meetings

SureToMeet provides a calendar of professional and trade association meetings at which you can network and learn what organizations are doing. It's also a handy tool if you want to start your own free, community networking group...

Job Search Profiles for Executives

ExecuNet provides a free membership for senior-level executives. Your profile can serve as your confidential introduction to executives and recruiters in the network and your invitation to be contacted directly by them.

Execunet also provides great information on their website for job and career seekers. Here's one example:

2010 High-Growth Industries
predicted by executive search consultants

  1. Healthcare
  2. Clean/Green Technology
  3. High Technology
  4. Pharma/Medical/Biotech
  5. Energy/Utilities
  6. Business Services
  7. Financial Services/Banking/Insurance
  8. Government/Nonprofit/Education
  9. Environmental Products/Services
  10. Manufacturing
Source: ExecuNet

Free Online Multimedia Sites

We all know about YouTube, but you might like other options such as free ftp sites like - they do not charge for files up to 100MB.

Green Career Central

If you want to explore, enhance or narrow down on a green(er) career, Carol McClelland has put together a Green Career Central hub of information and resources to help you find green opportunities that fit your career goals.

Our "Solutions For Green" Platform of Information

We have both general green and specific industry niche websites that help you with career development. Here are a few of the sites specifically about careers... but don't forget to look at related websites that have stories about specific companies and organizations ... they might be worth contacting for opportunities! - Job certification and training directory | Training insights and trends. | Directory of green companies, programs and organizations.

| More than 3,000 articles about green economy... and organizations playing pivotal roles | One of the specialized websites with many ideas and companies listed in a niche market. Check the FOOTER for a complete list of our informative websites.

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