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Reinventing Fire to Change the Rules of the Energy Game

Reinventing Fire is a fight for better fuel and energy policy on the ground. Rocky Mountain Institute leads a game changing initiative to transition from oil, coal and burning to a clean energy future. Reinventing Fire™ is driving a business-led transition from oil, coal, and ultimately gas to efficiency and renewables.

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Rocky Mountain Institute is, in my opinion, the leading research organization for renewable energy. But, you be the judge. This smarter way to reduce fuel, use non-burning fuels in our vehicles -- these are sustainable ways out of the problems we are facing today in the Gulf, in coal mines, on the highways, and in the communities that butt up against these dirty industrial factories.

Efficiency and Renewables

The Rocky Mountain Institute is reinventing a "process" that engages the 60+ barriers that resist change to a better world.

This is a palette of solutions for homeowners, renters, corporate facility managers, cities, states... and our country.

RMI is engaging powerful partners across four key sectors -- buildings, transportation, industrial design and electricity -- to understand and vault the barriers to shifting from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables. Although that transition will take decades to complete, and not all its details can be fully foreseen, big gains can start now.

Reinventing Fire will focus on opportunities in the next five years that can profitably jump-start the journey toward a fossil-fuel-free economy.

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