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Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer re: The Financial Collapse and beyond!

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This interview on the Daily Show in March of 2009 applied to the CNBC reporting of financial shenanigans. It's very 'to the point' about how reporters and the media enjoy special status, and have a responsibility to report problems "BEFORE the COLLAPSE"...

As you watch this grueling interview by a COMEDIAN... think about green and sustainability. And BP. And bleeding edge green technology. And ask yourself what role the media should be playing in reporting incongruities before they turn into oil well catastrophes, or melting poles, or cancer from environmental causes.

When we SEE something that stinks...that doesn't make probably doesn't.

For example:

  • Technology doesn't bring good things to life... literally.
  • Oil isn't clean.
  • Coal isn't clean.
  • Wildlife matters.
  • Biodiversity matters as much in the city as in the wilderness.
  • Living in wilderness areas is dangerous.
  • Population growth is out of control.
  • We can't buy our way out of excess.
  • Cancer is being caused by our excesses and chemical pollution.
  • We are being lied to by our politicians, our business leaders, our security forces...and yes, by our parents. And even by ourselves.

The warning signs of pending disaster(s) are here. Will we put these weirdnesses -- these warning signs of neonatal disasters -- together and understand the challenges that face us are real, and bordering on catastrophe.

That's the question we must ask ourselves as we think about the freedom that requires eternal vigilance. Vigilance of what? Isn't that a warning that we can fool ourselves, and that we must do our very best at all times? For ourselves. For our children. For our neighbors?

Eternal Vigilance ... not Eternal Growth

Our founding fathers and mothers observed that weirdness creeps in on silent feet. Today we want to believe that everything good is about growth and profit and power. But it's not. Freedom is about living in harmony with the earth upon which we depend.

Today's vigilance is a little different than in those early pioneer days. But "eternal vigilance" is a valuable discussion topic for the Fourth of July that will benefit individuals and the country with a fireworks show of personal investigation, personal innovation that is consistent with natural laws, and to firecrackers of actions both small and large.

Freedom is made up of a million little choices, and a few big ones in every person's lifetime.

Families matter. Respect for your fellow man and woman and child and native creature matters. Calm, informed, exploratory discussion about vital topics is important. Shared strategy and action are powerful. One person can make a difference, especially in their own family, and their own community.

Twitter is the rage today -- but social media is as anonymous and as wispy as a bird song in the wilderness. Family discussion is where real innovation, real caring, real change can happen.

Happy Independence Day! Together we can make YOUR world a more independent, more interdependent one for all of US today and tomorrow. And for the next decade.

Carolyn Allen
Senior Editor

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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